Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to School Open House and Christmas in July Sale!

For all our birmingham friends, Paper With Purpose is having our back to school open house tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28th! It will be at Robyn's house from 9-1 and 4-7. Her address is 3452 Coventry Drive, Vestavia Hills, 35243. EVERYTHING will be 20% off for Christmas in July! We will have personalized backpacks, water bottles, tons of baby items, new gift items and then all of the stationery items you could think of! Remember that we do all your wedding invitations, programs, napkins etc. and you can schedule an appointment for that anyday. Please bring any friends or family!
If you can't come, or live out of town, you will still shop our online store and get 10% off. Go to http://paperwithpurpose.myspstore.com and type in the promotional code CHRISTMAS when you are checking out. You can use your credit card and have everything shipped directly to you! All stationery options are on there, but if you need sippy cup labels, they are the only things not on there. Thanks and We hope to see you tomorrow or at our online store!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Beach...Round 2!

We were blessed to be able to go to the beach twice this summer!! And we actually survived the car ride again! We went with Chris' parents this time and we had a blast. It was so nice to have some extra hands and eyes to watch these kiddos! Wells loves to run from pool to pool and not so much stay in it. So you can imagine what our days are like. You may be wondering, "why stay at the pool when you are at the beach?" Well, both children cry...a lot on the beach so it's just not worth it! You will see from the pictures that Wells only enjoyed watching and feeding the seagulls. And yes, we were THOSE people who fed the birds. We did anything to keep him from thinking about the sand being all over his body. He is my child for sure! I hate sand being all over me and I hate being cold! Check out the picture where he is wrapped in the towel. He begs to be in the towel like this! Sweet Claire just did whatever we did. She was a trooper and just stayed laid back the whole trip..Praise the Lord!! We won't be back until next summer, but we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to enjoy the beach (with no oil)! Thanks Yaz and Papa!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

9 months, 23 months, and a HUGE blessing

Claire turned 9 months today...wow!!!! Cannot believe it! And Wells will be 2 next month! Both are at a very fun point and LOVE LOVE each other! Claire isn't moving so it's beautiful!! I know that sounds terrible, but it's so nice to just let her sit up and play with toys or watch Wells play in the den with whatever he has!!! She isn't even trying to get on all fours and I LOVE it! She is just so content and smiling all day long. Today she clapped for the first time and was so proud that she did it ALL day...even in her carseat! Wells is in love with music and just loves to dance and sing all day so we are guessing she is trying to clap to the beat of his music! He can be a total toddler at times, but he is still very sweet natured and loves his time with mama. He also loves to talk to anyone and everyone at the grocery store, mall, etc. He's pretty good at holding a conversation too! It's a hoot. I keep trying to video him in action, but once the camera comes out he clams out. Both of my kids hate the camera I've decided! One day....
As for now, I decided to post a video instead of pictures. Wells is obsessed with the VBS soundtrack from our church last week so that is what he is listening too. He usually does all the motions and sings but once he realizes I'm taping him watch how he freezes! And please ignore my voice! Enjoy! (the huge blessing is below the video)

As for the blessing (besides my kids of course), it is awesome! Chris and I have really been trying to be good stewards of our money and truly want to glorify God in how we spend, give, and save, but the saving part has been hard with two in diapers, one in formula, and well...life itself. So we were having a discussion about formula and how we just can't believe how much it is and how we will feel rich come October. We really want to be able to pay off our van, give more, and save for Wells and Claire for the future and the 150 a month we would save not buying formula would help a little. Well, ten minutes after our conversation my phone rang. It was a sweet friend (who I can't name) who is a Similac Rep. She said that this never happens, but a hospital had just contacted her and said that their similac sensitive cases were expiring september 3oth and they had no use anymore. They asked her if she wanted them back or could they throw them away. Well...she knew I used this for Claire and called me. She said she was down the street and was on the way to drop them off. She had no idea that Claire would be 1 in October and we would only need it until September 30th! Ya'll this was the EXACT amount of cans we will need to make it until October. Is God unreal or what! I mean...look at the details of all of that. He provides in ways that we could never imagine and He is FAITHFUL!! I just had to give Praise where praise was due! Let us never forget all that He does for us on a daily basis...the small and the big!