Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lately...and more snow!

First I wanted to let all of you know that Claire's surgery went GREAT! It was a rough first two days, but she was great after that and actually started walking on Thursday, only 6 days after the surgery!!! She is so proud of herself and so are we. So thanks for the prayers and hopefully we are finished with doctors for a while! I had the flu last week as well so we are ready for health. In other news, our house went on the market yesterday! We are just going to pray and see what happens. We have LOVED our neighborhood so much and will miss being beside two of our best friends!!! We are hoping to move to Vestavia (now is the time to laugh Vestavia High School friends!!! You all knew I'd be back one day!). Last bit of news, the reading is going great! I'm on day 41 and still loving it!!

Now onto the snow. Well, since we couldn't play in the last two snow days because it was pure ice/sleet, we decided to make the most of this one! Both of the kiddos decided to wake up at 6, so we took advantage! We ate breakfast, threw their coats over their jammies and away we went to play! You definitely will not find Chris or me in any of these pictures, but the kids...of course! We stayed out for about 30 minutes and that was enough for my babies who HATE to be cold! We had a blast. Here are the pics. I think these are the first pictures I've taken since Christmas...sad! This first one is my best attempt at one of both of them.

Claire loved walking around in the snow, but she really wanted to
keep up with didn't happen!!
Notice I only have one of Wells where he is even close to me!
This child LOVES to run, climb, jump and just be a boy! He is also extremely social...
go figure! He talks to all the neighbors and knows them by name. He cracks us up!!!