Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you ready for some football?!!

We are definitely ready for some Alabama football!!! Check out this precious shirt from our friends Susan and Blake Russell. He is ready! And so is mama! Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to go through withdrawals not being at this first game. It's probably the first season opener I've missed in years!!! The answer is no, because I get to watch it with Wells! Chris keeps telling him that he hasn't met the real mama until he watches an Alabama game with me! We'll see! Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week 2 and 3- newborn pics and survival mode!

Before you read this, I wanted you all to see his precious newborn pictures! They'll only be online for another week or so. Go to and go to client proofing and type in sheheane for the password.

Okay, so weeks two and three (he'll be three weeks monday) are together because of our crazy week! Maybe survival mode is a harsh title, but I'll fill you in on our week and you can see for yourself!! Well, we had to move in with my mom and dad on Sunday because we had to get a whole new air conditioning unit in our house and had to be out because of dust. We loved being at my parents and of course they were SUPER helpful, but moving out of our house with a two week old was quite the challenge. We felt like we packed everything but the kitchen sink. So that was stressful enough! Then on top of that, Wells didn't sleep so well at my parents. He didn't like their crib and would only sleep in his bassinet. So I had to sleep on their couch and get up LOTS when he wouldn't sleep. We did get to venture out and have a first walk in the stroller which was great! So major thanks to my parents for letting us come, but we are glad to be home because now he's doing great, sleeping tons, and happy as a lark! It's amazing how in only 2 weeks of life, he can get used to his home and his crib! We also had our first pediatric appt, this week. Wells weighed 8 lbs. 11 ouncces and was 21.5 inces long. He was in the 50% for weight, 60% for height (i laughed) and 25% for his head!! We hope that does not indicate his brain size!! Anyways everything else was pretty good. He still has sort of high jaundice levels, so we are praying those go down in the next couple of weeks. We also had my ten year reunion to go to all weekend since I had planned it all year. So with him being only 11 days old and me still in pain, we survived three events this weekend and Wells had both grandparents babysit. I was sad leaving him and in pain after an hour of each event, but I am so glad I went. It has taken me all week to recover though!! So all of this combined made it a very tiring week!! We are all doing great now and still just loving every minute with Wells! The pictures above are Wells with all his presents from my Australia family that I love and feel like are real family, Chris and Wells hanging out (they play and rest every night when chris comes home), chris and I before my reunion, and the last one is Wells with his cousin Max (my nephew) who loves him so much!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week one with Wells

Okay, so week one was an amazing gift from God, but the most trying time of my life! We came home from the hospital with Wells having a high biliruben count, which means he had jaundice beyond the norm. Because it was so high, we had to have a phototherapy light for him to lay on (first two pictures) 24-7. He looked like a glow worm b/c it was an ultraviolet light underneath his whole body! We were only able to hold him to feed and change his diaper. It was for five days and it was so hard. Of course I cried because I wanted to hold my precious baby, but I also knew it would make him better. We had to feed, take temp, change diaper, and go back on the light within thirty minutes and we had to do this every 2 hours. So needless to say, we were wearing thin! Then, praise the Lord, his levels were great yesterday and they came and got the light. I didn't let Wells go all day! Today I woke up and cuddled him all morning and didn't even care about not sleeping. We have felt like new people since he's been off the light. Going three hours at a time before feeding again seems like forever compared to what we've been doing. By the way, he totally has his days and nights confused and thinks it's party time at night. But I cannot complain AT ALL because he is a precious angel. Right now he only cries when he gets changed and he just makes lots of funny noises when he wants to eat. So I know things can all change in a day, but I'm taking advantage right now. The bassinet he sleeps in all day is in the lower right hand corner and I just love it! He does too. He's in it half of the day. He loves to suck on his thumb and pacies, but check out how he sucks his thumb in the picture. He may take a while to figure things out! He's now been sleeping in his crib for two nights (at least for a couple of hours). He has also changed so much already. He started out looking just like chris, but now people have said he looks like me too! yeah!! We are loving every minute with him and thank God for this miracle. I'll try to post new pictures and stories every week or two. Thanks for all the love, encouragement, gifts, meals, time spent with us, and most of all for the prayers.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wells is here!!!

Wells arrived Monday, August 4th at 5:34 p.m. after 25 hours of total labor time! He weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. And check out his profile...he is a carbon copy of Chris at the moment! Well, we know this is way past due! It's been a really long three/four days and the internet was only up for about 3 hours the whole time we were at Brookwood! As you can tell, we love him so much already. He has jaundice, which lots of little babies get, but we are praying it goes away. I'm also having a pretty hard recovery after the long long labor. So know that we appreciate the love and support so much!! It just may be a while before we can get into normalcy again with emailing and calls! We feel soooooooooooooo blessed and can't wait to share more stories and pictures. Thanks again for all the encouragement!!!!
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Wells is coming Monday!

Hey Friends! Well, thank goodness we're finally close. After a sleepless night of thinking nausea was labor pains, I was wrong! I went to the doctor for my last check-up today and I was finally 85% effaced and still not dialated. So the plan is to go into Brookwood at 4 on Sunday and have the easy cath and stay overnight. Then they will induce me Monday morning. We are so excited and so ready! My doctor just doesn't want to wait any longer. She said it will not be an easy thing to go through sunday and monday so we are praying that he will just come on his own before, but we know God's plan is perfect. Thanks again for the encouragement and my next post will have Wells in it prayerfully!! Yeah!!