Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easter and Mamie's Arrival!!!

We have had a full month of FUN!!!!!  Now that my class is over (as of last week), I promise to do more than a monthly post!  Easter was so exciting this year as the children understood that an Easter Egg Hunt was a competition and much more importantly, they knew it was about Christ being risen and ALIVE.  We pray that each year will be more and more exciting for them because of this!  We definitely were missing robyn and charles, but it was awesome knowing that they had Mamie in their arms as of Easter morning.  What an exciting day for us all!!
Mamie came home to a CREW at the airport.  Many tears of joy were shed (mainly by me) and lots of friends and family showed up.  Robyn is blessed to have a group of girls who are all either going through adoption in China or have been through it with Lifeline Adoption.  They are an amazing support group for one another and how cool that those precious girls will get to grow up with one another!!  Love it!  We have spent the last two/three weeks really getting to know her and wanting to just love and hug all over her.  It will be a while before anyone else besides robyn and charles can hold her so that she can fully bond with them first.  But I cannot wait for the day that I can really love all over her! She is a true JOY.  She has lots of orthopedic appointments coming up so you can pray for those! She did NOT like her initial appointment, bless her heart.  who does?!?  Without furthur ado, here are lots of pics.  And one more thing, I   PRAY Mamie and Claire are best friends.  please just look at these pics of them!