Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Open Invitation!

What: Doodles Artwork on canvas using children's hand and footprints

When: Sunday, October 16th from 3-5 p.m.

Where: My House (email me if you don't know where it is

Why: She's fast and they are the Best Christmas gifts for grandparents and it's different. I also love supporting local businesses. Carla is great and I'm not even getting anything. I did all these last year, but wanted to help support her and give you all a great gift idea. Our parents LOVED theses!!!

Look on her website to get ideas for what you might want to do. and look at her doodles to go kits (she brings them like this so all you do is hand and footprints and she finishes them at home. i'll get them to you later) also, look at all the different tabs on there for ideas. She is great!! We did my kids plus my nephews last year to make the manger scene above and gave it to my mom. she has kept it up all year!! :) And we did angels for Chris' mom. We did Alabama football players, Big Al and a cheerleader for my dad for his office. They were all a big hit!

Just let me know if you are coming so I'll have an idea for Carla. And honestly, come one come all! I didn't have a chance to send out invites. I just love her stuff! And the kids can't break it :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Old Baker Farm Pumpkin Patch!

This morning we headed off to the Pumpkin Patch! It was a BEAUTIFUL morning with awesome weather. We love Old Baker Farm in Harpersville if you are looking for a good one to go to. We went last year as well. They have a big cotton bed for the kids to play in, bands playing, old western shootouts (the kids wanted to go home at this point), corn cob toss, petting zoo, tons of hay to climb on, and the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. It was a blast! I took lots of pics that look very similar to last year. It will be fun to compare them over the years! This year did take a LITTLE bit longer trying to pick out those perfect pumpkins. And i'm pretty sure we ruined a few throwing back the ones we didn't want. oops... It was also Western Cowboy day so Wells was THRILLED to get to wear his cowboy boots that he thinks makes him "Woody" from Toy Story. Poor Claire wanted to wear hers that she got on her birthday, but they are about 3 sizes too big! The girl LOVES to dress up!
Here are the pictures from the morning! Now Wells and Chris are at Alabama's homecoming while Claire and I hold down the fort. I think it is fair to say that Wells is going to be asleep when they get back tonight!
We LOVE the fall around here!!!! :)

The pumpkins that we got made it safely to the front door. Now, let's see how long they last!!

Chris wanted big, I wanted a more flat one, Claire wanted white and Wells wanted green sprayed all over :)

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Claire turned 2!

We already had the joint birthday party, so Claire's birthday snuck up on us!! On October 1st, Claire turned 2!! Selfishly, I used to dream about the day when Wells would be 3 and Claire would be 2 because all of the parents of children close together would tell me...."Just wait until they are 3 and 2! It is so much fun then!" And I can't even believe it's gone by this quickly. I tried so hard not to wish away the precious baby phase, but it was hard not to when Claire was colic and we didn't sleep for 6 months. I can honestly say that to me, the magic age was when Wells turned 2 and Claire turned 1. It was just so much easier and so much fun!! They have played great together ever since!! I LOVE these funny and energetic ages. I feel so blessed that I get to be home with these two for these 5 quick years. At the same time, it's not ALL roses by any means!! We have Wells still having some terrible two moments and Claire is in full swing of them! So this creates lots of drama! But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Claire is EXTREMELY independent these days. She says, "I do it" about everything! She also loves to dance and loves to sing. But let's just say we aren't holding our breath for her to become the next big star. It is so precious to hear her sing, but boy is she off key!! It's hilarious!!!!! And she sings LOUD. Now the dancing...she can move those hips! It's almost scary. She still loves her daddy something fierce. I often look like the evil stepmother out in public because she refuses to come to me when he is around. Oh well, at least Wells loves me! She is talking ALL the time. She is starting to play dress up, which is really fun!! Her Yaz gave her a basket full of tiaras, boas, outfits, cowboy boots, etc. and she is LOVING It! My mom also gave her precious clothes. This girl loves her clothes already! We truly can't believe she is 2 and we can't imagine our lives without this little spitfire! What joy and drama she brings on a daily basis!! We love her so much! Happy birthday to you sweet Claire bear!!

In true Sheheane fashion, we spent the weekend with Chris having bronchitis and Claire having ear infections, but here are pics.
She got a new kitchen for her birthday (the old plastic one kept falling on the children...quite the safety hazard)

The kids have played with the kitchen and play food nonstop since saturday.
They love it!!

Here she told me, "I want to cook dinner!" Sister, go for it! :)

My parents, chris' parents, and Robyn and the kids
all went to breakfast for Claire's birthday. It was a blast!
Poor Chris stayed home and coughed all morning.
The cousins...Elliott, Wells, Maxwell, and Claire

I love this pic! I wish there wasn't a glare on those glasses!

Wells didn't get left out. He received fireman gear from yaz and papa!

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