Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures Galore!!

Well, this has been a month for pictures!! A sweet friend from high school has just moved to Birmingham from Huntsville and her photograpy business moved with her of course! Her name is Elizabeth Bailey and it's So she was so precious to do some "samples" for her Christmas promotions with my kiddos. So we used her for Claire's one year pics, and our family pictures since we have none! She did a FANTASTIC job and is SO laid back. We had a blast!! Now, it was a bit stressful for us parents since the kids were 2 and 1, but they were definitely GREAT pictures with what she had to work with! If you want to go see them (obviously one is at the top of our blog) go to this website: (you don't have to login) go to access gallery. Then put in these codes to see these pics:
to see claire's 1 year: claire1
to see family pics: sheheane2010
Thanks Elizabeth and we are so thrilled and pleased with these pics of our kiddos! You are awesome!!
Just to warn y'all....Wells does not like to smile in pics! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We were so excited to go to the Pumpkin Patch this year! We went to Old Baker Farm in Harpersville, Al. With Claire being brand new to the world last October, it just didn't happen, so we couldn't wait to go this year. We went with the Barrows and had tons of fun! Wells and Emily Kathryn love each other and play well. Wells LOVED the petting zoo part. I am almost convinced that he is Dr. Doolittle himself. All the animals came right up to him wherever he would walk! It was hilarious! The goat even licked his lips...disgusting I know. He is just obsessed with all animals and obviously they can tell! His favorite part of the place was the part where you washed your hands. He could have stayed there forever and yes, he was soaked when we left. We also ran into other close friends from church while there! Very fun! Nathan is in the washing hands picture with Ek and Wells. Claire just loved observing it all! We can tell that she really wants to walk like her brother though. She is ready to move! It was a gorgeous, but hot morning so we only lasted about 2 hours. But that was plenty of time for a 2 year old, a one year old, and two parents holding them or chasing them. And Wells got the perfect baseball sized white pumpkin (that was totally soft). He threw it about 4 times when he got home and it was history. But hey, he picked it out! Claire just got what we thought was cute. We look forward to going to different ones every year and it is definitely going to be an October tradition! So fun!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Claire's Birthday Party!

This picture pretty much sums up the evening...she LOVES cake!!

But she hates anything on her face or head!!!! Notice the glasses are off!
Her cake! Yaz made it!

Her new pink driving/walking toy with music. she "shakes it" just like her brother!

She loves standing and wants so badly to walk. soon ......

Her "1" shirt from Alice Kathleen (a friends clothing company)

this is the "aren't I just so cute that you can't get mad" face

Attempt at a family shot! maybe next party!!!

Claire kissing sweet Pawpaw!!

All the cousins on my side. We are super close and the kids LOVE each other!

Thanks Kim for letting us borrow this fun pinata to display!

this is this morning....quite the happy camper!!!!

Claire's party was a BLAST! We just do family for 1st birthdays and to me, it makes it even more special. Wells was truly confused as he thought it was his all over again. He greeted everyone, wanted to open all her gifts, and even asked where the Little Einsteins were! After a while, he got it...but wasn't too happy with Claire getting all the attention! She, on the other hand, had a blast! I think she knew it was all about her! She let everyone hold her (and feed her) and she hammed it up all night. It was so special because Chris' grandfather Pawpaw was able to join us! He is such a PRECIOUS man and we love him! He just moved to a nursing home here and we consider it a huge blessing to spend time with him finally!

We did a pizza dinner and cake. Chris' mom, who we call Yaz, made her cake. She did a great job! Thanks so much Yaz!! And I kept all the decor with the butterfly, flower, and 1 theme. I didn't make myself all stressed out about it, and it was really so much fun! Claire got the cutest clothes you've ever seen, three precious dolls (which she holds and kisses constantly) and a nursery rhyme book. Gosh, it's so fun to have a girl!!! :) I love having one of each! Again...Wells just doesn't get it that dolls and pink aren't for him. Oh day!! It was a perfect night!