Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots of Pictures and Week 8 excitement!

Here you go! I've posted lots of pictures from this past week. Everyone told me that by week 8, I would start to tell a difference in Wells' behavior, his sleep patterns, and in myself. It's been true! We actually got him on a night time schedule. He now goes to bed between 6:30-6:45 and is struggling to make it to that point! He sleeps between 4-6 hours at a time, and is always up around 6:45 in the morning. We owe that to the miracle blanket, our persistance and his sound machine!! He even started sleeping in the car and in the stroller some, which is a major breakthrough! He must have learned that life really isn't more exciting than his need for sleep! He smiled a lot more this week too, which is always fun for Chris and me. I decided to show you his many facial expressions in the pictures above so that you can see what I see everyday. Some are hilarious! We also had our first church trip with Wells this morning. He seemed so proud wearing his daddy's baby outfit (although he wasn't so sure at first if you look at the the picture of him in the top left corner with his outfit on)! Chris' mom gave us some sweet outfits that chris used to wear and I have seen some of them in stores now! It's nice to know that baby styles don't change much! We were going to save it for his baby dedication which is Nov. 2, but he wouldn't have been able to wear it at that point. Even though I'm still exhausted, I feel like everyday is getting a little more routine and more exciting. I just can't believe it's already been eight weeks. Wow!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 7 and the Two Month Check-up

Well, Monday made week seven for Wells. Wow, time flies! And I know you want to see pictures and not just read the updates. I promise to post some later. I'll take some pictures today. Wells had his two month check-up yesterday and got his first round of shots. He was such a champ! Chris said he only cried for about two seconds (I wouldn't know because I left the room so I wouldn't have to see it or hear it)!! He's a lot tougher than me obviously. He did well all day and night too. We even had a sleep stretch from 8:00-3:00a.m.!! So exciting! I'm sure it was the shots, but I'll take it! He weighed 11 pounds 12 ounces and was in the 70%. We think he's really long, but the nurse measured him wrong so we don't know it. If her calculations were right...he shrunk!! we laughed and the doctor said she was wrong. I'm still a little worried about the brain capacity because his head was only in the 15%!! It keeps going down in the percentage category. That's okay...we love our little pea-head!! He is just perfect to us! This week was so exciting because he has started smiling and playing a lot. We hear him cooing over the monitor for long periods of time. He still looks just like Chris and still acts just like me...not wanting to miss a second of fun. Putting him down for naps and at night can be quite a task. Chris and I finally have him on a night time schedule (at least to go down) and we feel like each day gets better and better. We are really just praising God every day for him and love sharing the updates with you all! I promise pictures will come today or tomorrow!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Six! still not sleeping!

Hey Friends! So tomorrow, Monday September 15th, marks week six for Wells. He is getting more and more fun everyday! I received my first "real" smile this past week! I could never imagine that it would melt my heart like that! I even got a little teary! He is still pretty serious most of the time, but I know this won't last long if he really has my personality. I just hope the poor child doesn't get my laugh or he'll be ridiculed for life!! Chris is for sure that he does because he never wants to nap or go to sleep at night...still. We're at most doing 4 hour stretches on a good night. He is really afraid of missing out on some fun! He loves his bouncy seat as you can tell in the pics! Many of you have asked how Vedder, our dog, has done with him. As you can tell in the picture, he literally watches him all day with me! He is either under my feet or Wells' body at all times. It's really sweet, but 100 pounds of lab can sort of get in the way. Wells also loves his Alabama outfits. He has a different one for almost every game! Our friends know us well!! :) I had to take a picture last night of Wells and Chris in their matching outfits! And of course his cousin Max still wants to be around him all the time! He likes to be right in his face and I think Wells likes it! He usually follows him with his eyes everywhere. We are really loving every minute with him because he is already just growing so fast! He is almost 11 pounds...scary! What can I say...he likes food! God has really blessed us with this sweet angel who is really laid back and easy (besides the no sleep!). We have yet to hear an all out cry...knock on wood!! I'll send more pics next week! I'm ready to spend time with lots of you soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wells is One Month Old!

We can't believe Wells is already one month old! He was a month old yesterday. It is amazing how much has happened in one month. Some days seem like they will never end, but all in all, it's gone by so quickly! He has been visited by so many friends! Chris said he's going to be just like me...very social! He doesn't want to sleep when ANYTHING is going on. I guess he's afraid he'll miss out. These pictures are not of every friend by any means, but these are the pics I got when some of you visited (sorry if I didn't take one with you!). There are also some pictures that really capture his first month...sleeping, cheering at his first alabama game with Chris and his cousin Max, seeing all his new friends, and wearing his robe before bath time (he loves bath time with his dad and vedder...yes, it is guy time!). We are braving the schedules and I'm determined to stick to it, but Wells is testing me big time. This week he decided it was way more fun to stay awake and have nap strikes as well as wake up every 2 hours to eat. I'm praying it's a growth spurt and that next week will be better. I've gotten lots of advice from friends and books, so we'll see. Hopefully my next post will say, "Wells, the perfect baby!" yeah right! Anyways, this first month has been trying, but so amazing. And it's really crazy how much you can love someone in just one month! Chris and I couldn't thank God enough for little Wells!