Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wells' First School Program!

Wells had his 2 year old end of the year program at school Tuesday, April 19th. He was so excited about this program and talked about all of the songs he would sing for days and days leading up to it. He LOVES school!!! Mrs. June (his music teacher) is quite the hit and he just loves music class. He only goes to school Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I love that they have music on Thursdays because it is the highlight for Wells! I wasn't quite sure how he'd do because he really loves Mommy and when I am around, he is stuck like glue! I'll let the pictures tell the story...

It all started out so precious as the children held hands walking in to greet the audience (by the way it was just his class of 7 children)
He was all smiles saying, "hey mommy! hey daddy!"

Then he realized he was singing for Mommy, Daddy, Gaygay, Dandaddy, Uncle Kyle, Sue & Graeme (my australia parents), Yaz, and 20 other parents/grandparents he didn't know. And he began to think, "this won't be so fun after all".

Both hands went as far in his mouth as they could go and then the tears flowed and he ran to me a couple of times. But I was proud of him that he went back for the rest of the program. Oh...and every other child sang and smiled :)

Then his best friend in the class, Hill, started to cry and he figured ,"Oh yeah! I'm not the only one who thinks this is too much to handle!"

Then a smile came on the very last song while he barely shook his rattle and tried to make Hill laugh.

Once the program was over he ran into my arms and said, "mom, are you proud of me?" And that melted my heart! I felt so bad for the little guy crying the whole time in agony while his friends sang! But of course I said I was proud with a huge smile! And on the way out the door he yelled, "mom, I sang great!" what a hoot!

(****I will be posting all my adventures with my australian parents once I get all the pictures in. I dropped them off this morning at the airport and lots of tears were shed. we had a BLAST!!!!!!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Aussies are Coming!!! :)

For those of you who don't know, MY FAMILY FROM AUSTRALIA IS COMING TOMORROW!!! I've told anyone and everyone for the last 6 or so months. Spring of my senior year in college, I opted to leave tuscaloosa and enter the world of oz to do my student teaching. It was the best decision I've ever made!!!! It was absolutely unreal. Not only did I get to teach in an incredible school, but I travelled all over my favorite country in the world (besides ours of course!). It truly was surreal. I lived in Geelong, Australia (which is about 45 minutes from Melbourne). What made the experience even better is I got to live with one of the greatest families out there. The Ross family (the librarian at the school was the mom) took me in and treated me as their daughter. There were three boys and I LOVED it! I always wanted a brother and while I was there I got three! Sue and Graeme are the parents and Cameron, Stuart, and Andrew were the boys. I see them as a second mom and dad. We have talked a least once a month since I left 10 years ago. And NOW they are coming to see me! They have already gone to LA, Palm Springs, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and tomorrow they travel to Bham. People have repeatedly asked them, why? I laugh, but am beyond thrilled. They are staying for 10 days so I will have tons of posts either while they are here or when they leave. Here is our itinerary while they are here: Wednesday- arrive at 4:00 and we will celebrate Sue's birthday (which is today) Thursday- Just Graeme, Sue and I will go to Memphis for the night Friday- Graceland! I'm sure this is the only time in my life i'll go, but why not! they were dying to go! Saturday- Alabama's A-Day game and a luncheon where Saban will speak. I can't wait to show them what football is all about Sunday- Chris and Graeme will go to a braves game in Atlanta Monday- My dad and Graeme play golf Tuesday- Friday- Mentone, Chattanooga to the aquarium and choo-choo Saturday- they leave:( Do you think we will be tired? These were all their requests so we are pumped! Now here are Graeme and Sue! This is a sign at the Birmingham Zoo in the "Kangaroo Kountry" area. How fitting!

****There is another new post after this one****

Spring Fever

loving our snacks outside
smelling (and picking) any flower we can find
wearing our lightweight spring outfits!!
wrapping up so mom can take walks (in the not so lovely weather)
and loving on our doggy....this is ALL the time :)

We are LOVING spring, but we want it to stay consistent! I feel like a terrible mother dressing my kids in shorts for school then pulling up to carpool to find out it's freezing once we open the door!! But I really shouldn't complain, as it is one of the most pleasant springs I can remember! Yes, we are having the weekly tornado watches/warnings, but all in all it is great! Until summer comes to melt us away, we are having daily picnic lunches in the backyard, playing tee-ball in the front yard, taking daily stroller AND wagon rides, blowing LOTS of bubbles, and going to every playground we can find! Needless to say, we are living it up!!