Monday, January 25, 2010

Trusting God

Okay...Well, I am again writing as I have a sick family. Wells has the throw up virus and so does Chris. And I know you want to see pictures, but I need to share this. If you have been reading my blog, you know that the last four months have been incredibly tough on our family. And we still have the black cloud above our house!! But in the midst of all of this I have prayed and prayed and prayed for God to heal our house and allow us to get some sleep. And I have worried myself sick almost daily. I can even hear Claire crying when she is not! Sleep deprivation = crazy me! Anyways, I was sitting rocking Claire tonight, in tears, praying over her to not get the throw up virus. She had a temperature and didn't eat well today. I was all alone with Wells in the next room. Chris was at his parents and my mom had thrown her back out a few days ago. So I had no one to help me. And then it hit me, this is exactly where God wants me. He was waiting for me to reach out directly to him and not to chris, my mom, his mom, or friends. He wanted me raw and he wanted me broken. He wanted me to not ask him anything, but just to be still and TRUST HIM. It was as if I could hear his voice asking me, "do you really trust me? do you trust me to take care of your children? Do you trust me to take care of your husband? Do you really believe that I love you and your family more than you do? If so, you must give it all up." So I sat there and said "i give." I said, "I trust you God" and I meant it. I just needed to quit feeling sorry for myself and quit worrying and trust God. Now, I am not saying I am just completely at peace and that I am done worrying (that would not be normal for a mom not to worry about sick kids and hubby). But I am slowly giving it to God and giving him control. I so often take control before I allow God to and I allow my mind to wonder. I am praying now for God to guard my thoughts and my mind and trust God minute to minute of every day. Please pray that I can continue to do this and just live for the moment. I know that "this too shall pass" and I will be stronger because of it. It is just so hard to wait when we want our trials to end. To me this has been way too long, but God will close this trial when He chooses. And for that I am choosing to be thankful. Not that I want to be thankful, but I am choosing to be. Thank you God that I don't have to go through this alone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

National Championship Tervis Tumblers!

Okay, quick post!! For those of you who don't know, my sister and I own a stationery/invitation business called Paper With Purpose. We started out with stationery and invitations and now have baby items and gift items. We have a new blog,, and a website (you don't order from it, you would just tell us what you want through email after checking out our website). I will do another post on that later, but for now this is all about an order we are about to place!

We sell Tervis Tumblers and if you don't know about them they are the best glasses ever!! They don't sweat! We sell them year-round, but we are about to place an order for the National Championship 24 oz. tumbler next week. It comes with a lid and straw and it fits in your car cupholder. I it! They are super cute and tons of people have asked us to order some for them. So if you would like one, let me know in the comment section or email me at have one that I used to make myself drink water all day and it is the ONLY way that I do it!

And if you aren't an Alabama fan and want one with your college symbol on it, let me know! They carry almost every team out there! You can also do your initials or name, just let us know the color. We are ordering these on Tuesday of next week, so please let me know asap if you want one. Again, we do sell these all year, but we have to place a minimum order so we like to group our orders. The tumblers are $20. You can pay when you pick them up from us! Thanks so much!!
I will post about my kids again soon i promise!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 months, 17 months, and a haircut!!

Okay, this is way late, but life is CRAZY!!!!!! Claire turned 3 months on January 1st, and Wells turned 17 months on January 4th. I have tried to post everyday, but haven't had a chance. I'll give you an update on both and give an update on their health.
As far as Claire goes, she is giving you the number 3 in her picture to represent 3 months! We thought that was too funny. She is smiling and talking to us ALL the time...when she is not crying :). Poor thing still has major reflux and tummy issues that we just can't get straightened out. We are going to the pediatric GI doctor on January 19th to see what all is going on. She definitely has colic as well. She has just gotten worse as time has gone on. So continue to pray for the sweet girl. I just hate watching her scream out in pain and selfishly, we need sleep. We are talking maybe two hours a night right now. She still has fluid in her ears as well and we are trying to put off tubes with her at least until 4 months or prayerfully none at all if we can get the fluid to move out of her ears miraculously. Her bed in her crib is ramped so high that we are afraid we are going to find her in a ball at the bottom as some point! Hopefully next month we can give a better update! She is getting dedicated at church tomorrow and we pray she is happy for that! :)
Wells is showing you in his picture that he had his first haircut this month!! Chris got to take him so I could stay home with Claire and I was really sad about that, especially when he got home and all his baby curls were gone. :( He looked like such a big boy that I almost cried!!! But it was definitely time. His hair was turning into a mullet for sure!! He did well at the haircut because sweet Connie (who Chris has always used as well) kept feeding him smarties!! Wells is cracking us up more and more. He loves to repeat everything we say, so we are really having to watch what we say! He also loves to tell us "no" about everything showing his independence. So Chris and I are having to discipline a lot! And he is ALL BOY!! He climbs on EVERYTHING, gets into everything around the house, and has so much energy. He is a ball of fun!!! And he still LOVEs his sissy and often tries to stick his own paci in her mouth when she is crying. I guess he is worried or frustrated as well!! His ear infections are gone, but he does have a yeast infection behind his tubes so continue to pray for him as well.
Our new year's resolutions were to get our children well!!! We just know that 2010 is going to be a year for health for our family!! At least we pray it will be! We really do ask that you continue to pray for health for both children and that we can get Claire's tummy well and that nothing major is wrong with her. Thanks for the sweet emails and comments and for all the encouragement!