Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Pride aside, I am going to post a link for you to go to. Long story short, I am not "that mom" that thinks my children are the cutest, smartest, etc. etc. out there! All our kids our, right?! But basically I watched Kelly and Regis a while back about a contest. So I entered wells and claires pictures (hers didn't download) and days later I got an email and call stating wells made it to some "round". Who knows....probably thousands. But it's a chance to win college money! So...will you vote for him and pass it on?! It takes two seconds and you don't sign up for a thing. You can "like" it if you want on facebook, but you have to click the "VOTE FOR ME" sign under his pic. by the way, the picture isn't even that cute but I told you, i did it on a whim and from my cell phone none the less! you can vote once a day until July 3rd. I'm pretty sure it is a lost cause because i refused to talk about it for two days so i missed out on those voting days! But my family said to ask for votes if it means money for college! ha! so here is the link:

thanks and i'm humiliated i did this :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Chris and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on June 17th! Thanks to our sweet and precious friend Jupie, we went to dinner and a movie, which I'm pretty sure we haven't done both in one night since before kids! It was so nice and so much fun! I really can't describe in words how blessed I feel with having Chris as a husband. He is WAY too good to me and God definitely knew what He was doing by sending Chris to me. We laugh...a lot! We are going to Disney World in July by ourselves for 4 days to really celebrate!! We can't wait! We haven't had a vacation since before Wells! And isn't Disney World right up my alley?? See...Chris is a GREAT husband! :) This trip is all for me. He said he'd even go just about anywhere for four days if we could just get away!

And on June 19th, we celebrated Father's Day!! I don't know how I got so lucky to have so many awesome men in my life. God for sure gets all the glory. My dad was my true hero growing up (i was a true daddy's girl). He really could do no wrong then and still can't now! I was blessed with a FUN FUN dad while in Australia for 6 months who took me in as a daughter from the get go. After three boys, he was ready for me I think! :) I gained a precious father-in-law five years ago who I don't think has a mean bone in his body and has treated me like a true daughter from day one. And last, but certainly not least, I got to see my hubby become a dad almost 3 years ago. And they are all beyond compare. I don't know any dad in the world more hands on than Chris. From day one with Wells, he changed more diapers than me, took on bath time like a champ, dropped everything when he came in the door from work, and spends every weekend with them. Guys often tease him for not taking up golf, hunting, etc. but his response is always, "I'd rather be with my family more than anything else". And I admire and respect him more than words express. We all love you Chris!

this first pic is my aussie dad, Graeme! He is now an Alabama fan as well!! :)

This is when they came to visit us in April for two weeks. We took them to The Club.

Here is Papa (my father-in-law) who the children adore!

And the next pictures go back and forth between Chris and my dad. I don't even need to share this, but the first picture is really telling of how much Claire is a daddy's girl. She wants to be with him at all times...even when he is asleep! She is laughing on his chest is this pic.

I have to say Wells is quite the momma's boy, but here lately we are seeing him attach to Chris big time!

Here is dad on Father's Day reading a story. Wells and Max are all into it, while Elliott ran around spilling water and Claire must have had a phone call.

Attempt number 2 at Dandaddy with all four grandchildren. We were just proud they were all looking our way and no one was in the fish pond!

Again, better than never! Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day to the best husband and dads in the world!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

VBS Week!

I don't know how to put into words how great this past week of VBS was. I have helped our church in many different ways over the past 7 years, but this year was my ABSOLUTE favorite!! The children were in awe all week, the adults truly enjoyed it, and we all really tried to have a "child-like faith" that Christ calls us to have. It was beyond any of our expectations. I had to post some pictures so you all could see how much goes into our VBS and how much work our children's ministry puts into it. There were over 200 kids involved, and countless volunteers who either worked behind the scenes or during the week. Even though my kids were in the nursery, our church allows the 3 year old class to join us for worship and for the preschool bible stories. Wells LOVED every minute of it and thankfully we have a cd of the music because Wells sings the songs ALL day and ALL night (we hear it over the monitor until the wee hours of the night:). Thanks to everyone who helped out. What a blessing it was to everyone!

I had to show y'all this picture. It was the "big fish" in the story of Jonah and the children had to enter it after Jonah was tossed into the sea. It was a really cool experience! They even had opened cans of tuna to make it smell like fish. This is what I mean when I say, it is very detailed and very hands on for the kids!

**anniversary and father's day posts to come this week! i'm behind!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011


We had such a blast at the beach!! We just got back from a week in Panama City at Chris' parent's place. It was perfect weather, the children were healthy, and good times were had by all! We went to the beach each morning, came in for lunch and naps, and swam in the pool in the afternoons. The kids LOVED every minute! I was shocked they both loved playing the sand so much because they surely don't like it stuck to their bodies! They must get that from me :) The ocean was a little scary and neither child wanted to go in it, but that is why the pool is such a must! And I think I'm going to kiss whoever invented the puddle jumper floaties that go across the arms and chest. Both children would swim all over the pool with those on! They also jumped off the side, which was a huge accomplishment for wells considering he wouldn't do a thing last year unless we were holding him. We are so glad we got to go. Thanks Yaz and papa! We had a blast! :) Wells is already asking to go back!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a couple of weeks!

We have had a rough couple of weeks. As Chris puts it, "always an adventure with the sheheanes"
In a nutshell, Claire had pneumonia (and kept it for 7 days), Wells got hand, foot, and mouth (don't ask me how because we were going nowhere with claire being sick), and after two more doctors visits for breathing treatment and a strep test for wells we came home to a house that was 87 degrees. Our two-year old ac unit had gone out. lovely...
Both of our parents live in bham, but we couldn't use either house. So off to the beautiful Drury Inn and Suites down 280. No sleep for anyone and I'm sure our neighbors had a cozy stay. After five days, we finally are back in our house tonight and I AM SO THANKFUL!! Both kids are healthy again, our house is feeling great, and now we are off to bed. Through the tears, we could laugh as well at our crazy life. We could write a book. We also praised God that we had a house to come back to and thanked Him for giving us some perspective. After all these crazy tornadoes displacing people, we tried not to complain too much about not having air. Now, we are ready to hopefully enjoy summer! We are off to the beach this weekend, so hopefully we will have a relaxing time if we don't melt :) Will have a better post next week I promise!! :) Here are some pics of what we do at home :)

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