Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here we go again!

I can just hear the song, "Hear We Go Again..doododoodo" in my head. Seriously, we are on the third set of double ear infections and third cold in this poor child's 5 1/2 months of life. I keep getting the question, "Is he in daycare?" and the answer is no. I just think the poor guy is not a big fan of cold weather like his mom and I guess the little tubes in his ears are really tiny (or at least that is what the doctor tells us). He is also cutting his first tooth. So this week has been hard on us all. I hate that he is on his fifth round of antibiotics since he has been born. It just makes me so sad!! We are doing everything we can to help him feel as comfortable as possible, and he's really being a great baby despite all of this. He is a little fussy throughout the day and wakes up some at night, but I'm so grateful for the Lord giving us a happy little boy. I just can't stand to see him constantly sick and feeling bad. We don't think he even knows what it feels like to be totally healthy!! We are afraid tubes are coming, but we know that these can be extremely helpful. I am just specifically praying that we won't have to do that and if so that it won't be for a while. I had them when I was little and know plenty of children who have them, but I am hoping we can bypass them. We'll see! Our overall prayer is that God would heal Wells in all areas and allow him to feel some release from all this. In the are some sweet pictures we took this week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wells and Friends!

Here is Wells with some of his buddies! As you can see, his little personality is coming out in true colors!! Chris said he will be like me and just have lots of friends, and I think that's great!! You can't have too many friends, right?:) He is with his cousin Max (who he sees at least 3 times a week), Dale Serrano who is two days younger, and Jack Harpole who is four days older. It is a little bothersome though that Wells is already picking on little Dale. If you look closely in one of the pics, he is pulling and eating his hair! We are soooooo blessed in that so many of my best friends had little boys within days, weeks, and months of Wells. It was definitely the year for the boy! So he will grow up with lots of my friends' kids! We are finally getting out a about a good bit and I'm feeling more and more normal as the months go on! Wells has had a huge month of milestones. Bootcamp has done wonders as he is sleeping from at least 7-4:30 and sometimes 6 and 6:30 PRAISE THE LORD. Naps are still hit or miss, but we'll get there. Nights were my number 1 concern! He is also rolling over in his crib, sucking his thumb, eating food, and going crazy in his johnny jump up! I promise I'll learn how to upload videos and show it. It's hilarious!! We are LOVING this month as he is just getting to be more and more fun and we are all finally getting sleep! Thanks for the prayers :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby boot camp update and new nephew!

Well, this week has been quite exciting!! The most important part being that I got another nephew! My sister Robyn had her second little boy, Elliott. They didn't know what they were having so it was really fun to be at the hospital when my brother-in-law announced HE was here! We are just boys all around! My dad was totally outnumbered growing up with three girls in the house (my mom, my sister and I) and even a girl dog!! Then by 11th grade he had a boy dog, then later two son-in-laws, then two boy grand dogs and now three grandbaby boys!!! We are so excited though to have all these boys grow up together and be such good friends. Sweet Elliott has been in the NICU with lung issues since birth, but is prayerfully coming home by Sunday morning and then I will post cute pictures of him. He is precious!!
On a different note, this week has been really tiring doing bootcamp, but it is totally paying off! Here was our week at a glance:
Monday- Wells napped thirty minutes at each nap and had trouble going down, but I made him cry for 10 minutes each time before patting him back to sleep and giving him the paci. That night he went down at 7, woke up at 7:30 and he cried until 9:00. We put the paci in and calmed him every ten minutes and I picked him up once. He then woke up at 11:00, 2:00, 4:30, then 7:00 and had to feed every time.
Tuesday- Wells napped forty minutes at each nap and didn't cry going down. We fed him oatmeal for the first time at 6:00 (just a little). He went down at 7:30, cried until 9:00 again and we went in every 10 minutes. I didn't pick him up this time. Then he woke up at 11:00, 5:00 and 7:00 and only fed him at 5 and 7.
Wednesday- Wells napped 2 hours in the morning, and forty minutes each nap after. We fed him more oatmeal at 6:00. He went down at 7:00, and finally made it without waking up until 2:00. I got him back to sleep and he woke up at 4:30. I fed him at 4:30 and he slept until 7.
Thursday- Wells napped 2 hours in the morning, and forty minutes the next two going down very easily. We fed him more oatmeal at 5:00 and then had a full bottle at bed time. He went down at 7:00 and slept until 4:45!!!!!!!!!!! We fed him a little and he went back down until 7!!!
Now we are praying tonight will go was well and that we can get rid of the 5 feeding this weekend or next week and see if he'll go 7-7 or close. We are also praying all of this will stick. We know that teething, sickness, etc. will get him messed up, but this schedule has been awesome. He's eating and sleeping at the exact same times everyday and the crying has made all the difference in the world. It has all been worth it. We are so thankful that we made progress. Thanks for praying with us! I really had to pray and praise God for each thing that happened. I felt like a new person today!! I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Five Months Wells!

Well, today marks five months for Wells! I can't believe he is already five months!!! We are just loving him so much and really can't remember life without him!! He is really observant of everything around him these days. He still has no interest in rolling over or doing any tricks yet! He does love his exersaucer though and is really funny trying to figure it all out. He's still a little uncoordinated with his arms, but he just slaps things to get the music going, wheels spinning, etc. It's really funny! He still loves to smile, especially at his daddy. It's so much fun when Chris walks in the door and Wells immediately lights up! My favorite time with him is in the mornings when I get him out of his crib. He is usually really happy and just gives me the biggest smile! His favorite time of day is bath time with daddy and Vedder (the dog). They all three cram in Wells' tiny bathroom and it's "Guy time." Chris loves this time with him, so I'm rarely invited in!! The pictures above are one of the few times I snuck in to watch the action! He really goes wild in the tub. He didn't enjoy his tub, so Chris barely fills the bathtub up and lets him go wild so the pictures above is what you get!! It's hilarious! Wells still loves to know what is going on at all times and feels he will miss out, so sleep is just an afterthought. We are barely getting naps in the day and we have had two nights of sleeping through the night (yes, in five months). We have read all the books and I am a big schedule person. So trust me, I've tried it all. The post below will give you our next plan. So anyways, we are loving each new phase more and more and just feel so blessed to have this little guy!! He is truly a gift from God.

New Year = Baby Boot Camp!

Okay, so baby boot camp is beginning for us this week! Wells turned 5 months today! yeah!! Happy Five months Wells. So Chris and I decided it's time for sleep. We feel like we are at our witts end and have tried everything to get our sweet little guy to nap and sleep at night. We had come really close to sleeping all night (yes, i know sleeping through the night is technically 6-8 hours) from 7-7 with small wake ups for the paci. Then on December 23rd we got the dreaded ear infections with congestion. It's still going on. Poor Wells failed two medicines and is now on his third and still pretty stopped up. So all the sleeping work has gone down the tubes and sweet thing couldn't breathe so he would wake up all night long and eating was the only way to pacify him. We truly haven't slept (any of us) in a couple of weeks. Wells is a little better today and we are praying his ears are clearing up.'s off to work we go. We are doing the "Baby Whisperer Method" of letting him cry for 10 minute segments and going to put in the paci and pat him down to calm him. We are doing this for naps and all through the night. We wanted to wait until he was totally well of course and we are starting today. Well, needless to say, it's already been really tough. We started this morning and it took 40 minutes, only to get a 30 minute nap out of it. Then Church threw us all off, but of course it's worth it! Then we did it again for two more 30 minute naps this afternoon. Well, tonight poor Chris did it alone while I went to the grocery store and I returned home to Chris in bed with a pillow on his head telling me that he was going to bed (it was 8 o'clock) and that he thinks one child is enough! And this is just the beginning folks!! We are expecting it to take all week and maybe more, but in the end I feel it will all be worth it. He has just not loved sleep since day one, but we all need it and we are totally exhausted all the time. So my need from friends is prayer for patience, prayer for Wells to learn to put himself to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night, prayer for more sleep for us all, and prayer for Chris and I as we go through this really tough time. On top of all of this my sister is getting induced tomorrow...Yeah!!!!!!! We can't wait to find out what she is having. So happy new years to everyone and I'll keep you posted!!