Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daddy and Claire

On a rainy and thunderstorm filled day, I thought I would have a little fun with Claire and daddy. Claire is quite the daddy's girl these days and LOVES playing with him! (excuse the quality of the pictures. they are from the iphone)

Here is Claire saying, "Oh, daddy where did all of your hair go?"

"Wait a second...You're telling me that I look like this too???!!!!"

"That's okay daddy, we're both pretty cute!!"

And poor claire won't have hair for a while if she is anything like me! I didn't have hair until I was about 3! Oh well, we will just make sure she wears really girly clothes so no one mistakes her for a boy!! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

What we've been up to lately

No one has seen or heard from us lately so I'll show you random pictures, so you'll remember what my children look like at least! And I'm so sorry that we've been MIA from the world, but until we can build their immune systems up a little bit it's not worth it. We love you all so much though and miss our friends, church and neighbors tons!
Other than the fever virus, croup, allergies, and the worst cold ever keeping my kids sick for the last 18 days (but who's counting), here is what we've been up to lately:

A lot of swinging...check out Wells trying to get Claire to love it like he does
"Push" he tells her...she isn't thrilled with the idea

"Does he really think that I'm big enough to want to fly through the air?"

And Wells loves wearing his sunglasses (thank goodness) because his daddy tells him he is Wells runs around saying "I cool" all day long. It's going to be fun teaching him humility!

And I've been able to spend much needed quality time with one of my best friend's Katie! It was an honor to be a part of her wedding and all the festivities leading up to it. We share some mutual best friends and her other friends are just amazing. And her sister-in-laws couldn't be any better, so I've had some good girl time! Isn't she gorgeous??! Love you kady!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garage Sale! Updated with times

Okay friends, I love good garage sales, consignment sales, estate sales, etc. What about you?? There is just nothing more fun than finding a great deal!! With spring weather feeling so good, it is especially fun to go. I know of a lot this weekend. So I wanted to tell you all that live in Birmingham about one coming up this Saturday from 9-4 and Sunday from 12-4. A best friend of mine is having it with her parents. Her dad works estate sales, and has worked with antique dealers, etc. He has TONS of stuff. Trust me, I saw them getting ready for it today. There are rugs, sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, paintings, mirrors, day bed (cute for any of you with a girl needing a toddler bed), dressers, side tables etc. You name it, it's there!! It will be this saturday at 223 Sheridan Lane, Vestavia Hills, 35216. It's right off of Shades Crest Road, near Vestavia Country Club. Again, when I say tons, I mean rooms and tables full!! It will take them all week to get ready for this. So if you get a chance this weekend go! You won't be disappointed!! :) Just thought I'd share that secret. Also, it's Laura's birthday Saturday. So if you go, tell her Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Awesome Easter and 6 & 20 months!

Easter Morning
Easter Afternoon

Claire loves her food!!!!!!!!!

Wells loves his friends and finally plays with them! He really loves Jack (shown here) and Char Char (we'll show him in another pic!) He plays with them the most! He also LOVES his play group buddies from church. I pray they all grow up together! So fun!

Claire in her first tutu! A precious family friend
gave this to Claire so that we would have something
girly in the wardrobe! No problem there!! :)

Get ready for a longer post...
Happy Easter to Everyone! We had such an amazing weekend and day. We have been crazy (as always) the past few days, but have really tried to focus on what Christ went through for us and somehow relay this to a 6 month old and 20 month old through our love for them. I always read the Jesus Storybook bible to Wells before going to bed and the past two nights I have skipped to Jesus death and resurrection. Of course I know it's over his head, but he loves to look at the pictures and say "Jesus Bible" while I read. After reading the last two nights, he sweetly and earnestly said loudly "Jesus Bible" when I closed it for the night. It made me cry because I thought even though he doesn't understand yet, he is longing for me to show him more pictures and read more. Isn't this how God wants us to be? He wants us to yearn to read more about Him and be excited to read His word each day. It was just a precious picture and an Easter I'll never forget. It's amazing how precious words and facial expressions from our children can point us to Christ. What a miracle He is and what miracles our children are!!! Back to today... we had an awesome day!! We had an amazing church service, went to lunch with my family, nap, and then off to Chris' parents for the afternoon. It was again...beautiful chaos! Those will be my famous last words about every holiday until they are over 5! But I wouldn't trade a second of it! I love every minute of the chaos because it reminds me how blessed we are!!
This weekend was also Claire's 6 month birthday and Wells' 20 months. This was a HUGE month in milestones for Claire and Wells! Here is a summary of both of them:
started rolling over
holding her own bottle!! (early I's a second child thing!)
got her first tooth!
began eating and boy does she eat!!!
Loves her exersaucer
Loves for me to read to her and will sit still staring at the pages forever!
Loves her johnny jump up!
She started mommy and me swim lessons
She plays with every toy she sees
And she has become a daddy's girl!!
I feel like she is doing TONS more than Wells did at 6 months

-Talks ALL day long! Here are our favorite new sayings: "Mommy, Are you???" (where are you), "Jesus Bible", "Awwwww, sweet!", " I see you!", "I coming!!", "Roll Tide!", and "I drop it" (everytime I ask where something is, even if it is something he can't carry) cute!!!!!
-he is running everywhere
- he no longer sits still except when I read
- he loves to close his eyes and pretend we can't see him
- he is definitely getting into the terrible twos!!! wow, major meltdowns and fun for us!
- he is a mama's boy!!!!!!!!!! I love this...most of the time!! :)
It's amazing how much Chris and I love these kiddos. It is kind of love that I never knew existed! Thank you Lord for my precious and fun children!