Sunday, July 17, 2011

Orlando Anniversary Trip!

We landed in Orlando on Tuesday and a best friend of Chris' picked us up and took us straight to Amway Arena where he works and the Orlando Magic play. We got the royal treatment and were taken on a full tour. It is an amazing arena, just built last year.

We then had dinner with his family and it was off to our hotel in the heart of Disney World.

Wednesday, we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and experienced the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (completely unreal and we are not harry potter fanatics) and all the amazing rides there. The first picture is the Harry Potter World, and somehow it got moved to the top of this post....sorry. We did it ALL and most things twice.

Thursday, we got up and headed to Animal Kingdom for the Morning. We experienced The African Safari Ride for 10 minutes and it seemed like we were there! It was awesome.

This would be Expedition Everest...maybe my favorite roller coaster of all the parks.

And all around Animal Kingdom, you would just see animals like the monkeys below! They were all over the park. So fun!

For a late lunch and the afternoon, we headed over to Hollywood Studios. Again, we did it ALL! We ran to each and every ride to fit it all in (and beat the 80,000 plus folks to all the rides). We have secrets for all of you who go in the future.

Around 6, we rushed over to The Contemporary Hotel, tried to freshen up and change clothes, and then went to the California Grill for dinner. A MUST! This was our view from our dinner table...

Notice the anniversary pins they made us wear! It got us the pure royal treatment along with champagne and we wore them! Please look how tired we are! ha!

Here was our yummy dessert!

Sorry...couldn't get this one to go vertical (somehow blogger changed and i can't get my vertical pics to work) Friday we went to Epcot. Probably our favorite park overall. And you guessed it...we did it ALL

Finding Nemo...totally a kid ride, but with an aquarium at the end with a manatee, so we did it!

This was my favorite simulated ride (besides the harry potter forbidden journey ride), called soarin. You flew over California and it even blew the scents at you while you dangled in the air. So cool.

Here we are in the China part of Epcot.

We were supposed to go to dinner with Chris' friend Phil again, but his little boy got sick. So what did we do? Go to the Magic Kingdom for the night! It was open until 3 a.m.!!! Trust me, we left at 10 and we DIDN'T do it all! 4 rides in and we felt 31. It was time to go!! Again, sorry for the sideways pic.

We ended our night and our time at Disney on the oldie, but goodie...Space Mountain!

Our ferryboat ride back...I'm surprised we could even stand. We truly sprinted for 3 straight days.

We are back from a GREAT week! We forgot that we weren't 16 anymore and we did all 4 Disney Parks plus Universal Islands of Adventure in 3 days! Needless to say, we are exhausted!! We knew that in about 5 years when we take the kids, it will be all about the shows, the characters, etc. so we made it all about the rides this time! We definitely missed the kiddos, but we needed this BAD! It's been three years since we got away by ourselves on a trip and this was just what we needed! Tons of laughter and just plain old fun! :)

on a side note...please pray for claire tomorrow as she is having eye surgery (to probe her tear ducts) in the morning at 5:45

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Minute Encouragement!

If you are looking for something to do for the next 90 days, I strongly encourage you to do the Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days with I wrote several posts from January-April talking about my experience. It was awesome. If you are like me and a year is a daunting task, then do it this way! You will NOT regret it! I am considering doing it again! It starts tomorrow, so go for it if you have been wanting to read the Bible all the way through and just need to do it with others. The accountability is great and you will see Jesus like never before.

I still have pics and a post for the 4th, but it will have to wait. Chris and I are going away this week for our fifth anniversary trip to a trip I've wanted to take for years!!!!!! I. CAN'T. WAIT!!! Pray for health for Chris (he always gets sick when we try to get away) and pray for the kids while we are away! Happy Five Years to us! Thank you both grandparents for keeping the kiddos!!!