Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Soccer Player, My Mess, and My Niece

Well, only one month left of my class and I hope to post on this blog at least twice a month after that! This post will give you a brief update on our lives. It's been a VERY busy and chaotic couple of months, but the kids have kept us laughing (and making me a tad crazy at times). Wells is usually as sweet as any kid could be, but we definitely have our moments. He is trying us at the moment by not. eating. anything. Very frustrating, but I've recently started an eating chart where he receives stickers and treats and it's working! yeah!!
Wells started soccer in March. He LOVES to talk about it, but is a bit shy once he gets to practice. At 3, they don't play games, but they have coaches and they do drills with a family member. So daddy and Wells go every saturday for 6 weeks. Here are some fun pics...and side note...Wells is way smaller than most of the children. So everything on his body is huge :)

Claire...Oh,Claire. Where to begin. I love her to the moon and back but wow. She is constantly showing us all 99 sides to her personality. She is hilarious, sweet, talkative, gentle, fiesty, sassy, stubborn, girlie, smart and I could go on for days. She keeps us on our toes to say the least. She LOVES dance and I'll post pics of that soon and she is loving her mama these days! Yeah for me since she has been all about Chris for a year and a half. Here are some pics to give you a snapshot of what we see! First, sweet Claire with mama!!
Second, hilarious claire having tinkerbell and hannah montana (no clue where she got her) do her recital dance. She has dressed in her rainboots and jammies and it's not morning. She has quite the imagination!
Third, we have our studious Claire. She LOVES to read AT ALL TIMES and will give a book to anyone. I substitute in her mother's day out room at times and one day we realized she had been sitting on this tiger reading words to him for at least 20 minutes. This girl has memorized LOTS of books!
And last but not least, we have sassy/mad Claire. This is what I see a good bit these days! She is EXTREMELY independent. We had to leave the Easter Egg Hunt at our church because diva had a meltdown. So here she is running away from me in the van so I couldn't strap her in the seat. Where are her glasses one may ask? Well, she has pulled them apart and thrown them across the van. yep, just keeping it real folks! No mom trying to brag over here! We need all the advise we can get! My mom reminds me daily that I was practically impossible until the age of 5 so I'm praying she has a switch at some point as well. BUT...those precious moments keep us going. Feel free to laugh at this pic. I can laugh now that it's over :)
We dyed eggs for the first time this year. The children had a blast. We had 11 beautiful eggs for one day. Day two, we were down to 8. Now we have 6. Maybe 1 will last until Easter. They are just so tempting to carry around the house (wells) or to throw (claire).

Here we are BEFORE the Easter Egg Hunt at church. It was all fun and games at the picnic....then it was naptime and that is when claire lost it! Oh well, Happy Easter everyone!!!!
As far as Mamie goes, Well she is coming in two weeks!!!!!!! Robyn and Charles left THIS morning to go to China and get Mamie! They will have gotcha day on Monday (china time) and on Easter Sunday (our time). So go over to the Kown blog on the righthand side of my page to keep up with them. We can't wait to get our arms around her. What a precious blessing she will be! :)