Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach Trip in pictures!

Here we were at the beach last weekend! We couldn't wait to put Wells in the pool b/c he LOVES the bath!

Uh oh...Wells' face tells us that he is a bit skeptical of the water. we were right! This is Wells after Chris put his legs in the water. It was freezing!!! So I can't blame him! He takes after his mama!
He seriously hated it and continued to scream until Chris took him out of the pool.

We decided to play pat-a-cake on the side of the pool instead. This was much more exciting!

So, then we tried the beach. He LOVED the sand and headed for it face first. Thank goodness! We were getting worried.

Here is our stud in his surfer get up! I got this fun outfit for 3 dollars on clearance last summer! And his dandaddy (my dad) bought him his Masters hat.

Because the sun was so bright, chris and his mom had this great idea to take a baby pool to the beach! We also thought putting water in the turtle little by little might get him more excited about the pool. He LOVED the turtle and the fish his Yaz (chris' mom) bought him.

"I caught one mom!"

"You think I could ride this thing?"

We decided to try the ocean because he loved staring at it.

Wells body screamed, "I don't think so!!" Check out his feet!

As long as daddy held him, he was just fine! He loved staring at the big ocean!

We decided that he thought he'd be a baby model instead. Just look at how he cooled down with this ice!!! He loved ice!

He then went back to the baby pool, on the beach, and decided to try out the sand on his hands...

and in his mouth! Unfortunately, he liked the taste of sand and ocean water! Sick

"Why don't you feed me this daily, mom?"

We had a night out on the town with Wells. We went to Captain Andersons in PCB. We love this restaurant!

Just to let you know...he finally got in the pool and enjoyed long as we held him tight! We had such an awesome time at the beach! Thanks Melinda for letting us go with you! Wells slept AWESOME! He did better on his naps there in a pack and play than he does at home! He had a blast and so did we. Chris' quote of the week was, "the beach is waaaaay different with a baby!" Considering we only got outside about 2 hours max a day, I had to agree! But it is so neat to go with a child and be a family at the beach! We loved every minute of it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We found out yesterday we are having a Girl!!!! We are soooooooooo excited!! We just can't believe it. I keep telling Chris that we are going to be those people that think it's a girl and a boy comes out!! We would be great with a boy too obviously, but the thought of Wells and a little girl so close in age is just too cute!!! We think we have a name, but aren't 100% yet! If any of you have any ideas for us that you know you won't use, bring them on!! Chris said we are sold on a name, but I'm not yet!! So any last minute names you feel are cute with "sheheane", go for it!! I just can't even tell you how excited I am! And everything looks great from the ultrasound. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend in Virginia

This past weekend, we packed up and headed to Danville, Virginia to go see Wells' great-grandfather, Pawpaw. Chris left last wednesday to do work in North Caroline and Wells and I flew to meet him on Friday. Praise the Lord, Wells was great on all flights to and from there. He never cried, but he also never slept! I was exhausted, but so appreciative that he did so well. Pawpaw is Chris' grandfather who he is extremely close with. He has alzheimers and Chris and I felt that we really needed to get Wells up there so that he could meet him. We also wanted to go before number 2 gets here! These pictures speak louder than words. My favorite is the one on the top row in the middle where Wells and Pawpaw are gazing at each other. Pawpaw was thrilled to get to spend two whole days with Wells. He even told us to leave him...several times! It was precious and absolutely the best way to spend Mother's Day. We stayed with Chris' aunt, uncle and cousins. We loved every minute with them all. Sandra, his aunt, even gave me a manicure for mother's day! Yes, that is a tiara on my head!! We spent such sweet time with all of them and of course they all loved Wells!! It was a mother's day weekend that I will never forget.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

9 Months and Loving It!

Well, here we are at nine months! I can't believe it!! It is flying by. Each month just gets better and better. Yesterday was actually Wells' nine month birthday, but I couldn't find my camera. Thank goodness I found it today! I am so scattered these days being pregnant and having a very mobile little boy. He hit 8 months and 3 weeks, and all of a sudden he decided to crawl everywhere, VERY FAST I might add. He is also loving Vedder, our dog. ( I have added a video below...just ignore my voice!)He then decided this past week to pull up and try to stand on things. Therefore, notice the bruises on the nose, knee, etc. I'm sure you'll have a hard time seeing these things since the pictures are all blurry, but they are the best I can get these days! He is seriously all over the place, but we are having a blast! Long gone are the days of putting him in the johnny jump up, the exersaucer, or in the boppy. He only wants to be on the move or he is unhappy. On the other hand, he is loving the minivan! It's hilarious to see him stare all over the place in awe of his new ride. I'm just ready to turn him around and actually see him. Hitting this nine month milestone has also meant another round of baby bootcamp for Wells! Last week I spent all 7 days (and i mean SEVEN) doing the same routine for naps of reading, listening to music, rocking until drowsy and then putting him down and lifting the gate on the crib. then came the wailing for an hour an a half for the first five days for EVERY NAP and nighttime. Then finally on Sunday he gave up and just went down, talked to himself for a while and put himself to sleep!!! success!!! We had to get to this point because I'm getting uncomfortable and can't get him into the crib anymore without waking him. I also just wanted him to get used to this early before the new baby comes. I still have the sweet rocking moments, just not for 45 minutes!! yahoo! One last thing, we are also flying (just wells and me) and meeting up with chris on Friday in Virginia. We are going to see his PawPaw who is so precious. He has never met wells and has alzheimers. He has had it for years and we really think Wells needs to meet him now. Please pray for our health in traveling as I have really gone back and forth on whether we need to go. But I decided to just put it in God's hands and pray Wells and I have a great trip. Any tips on flying pregnant with a nine month old would be greatly appreciated!!