Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Claire's Room!

When you walk in the door, this is it! And it is
hodge podge at it's finest! i had a SMALL
budget for this room, but pulled it off!!
Melissa, of melbelle art, sent me the monogram on
carbon paper and I traced it onto the wall. i love it!
Artwork and my doll cabinet from all growing up
with my old dolls, and some things she has received

The artwork is something I am proud to say that I made with
my crafty friend carrie who saw this on martha stewart! It's
scrapbook papers modpodged onto wood. We had a blast making
them and we loved how they turned out!

Claire's sweet chair was my old rocking chair
that i used when i taught and a very sweet friend
recovered them with this fun fabric (that i bought for VERY
cheap!!) The cute magazine rack is pottery barn sale!
A friend gave me the "Claire" blanket. Wells has one too!

The diaper changing table my mom bought for 30 dollars
at a church garage sale and she repainted it. Carrie (the same
crafty friend and Kelly painted the knobs. Aren't they
so cute! The panels are pottery barn green gingham to match
the bumper pad and bed skirt.

Now, when I say that Claire has been blessed with clothes,
check this out!!! These are my old dresses, my cousin Hayden's
old dresses, Melinda has made dresses, a very GIVING friend gave
me about 13 brand new outfits from lilipad, then high school friends,
teacher friends, and others gave me the rest. By the way, her
drawers are full as well!

Now for updates. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I KNOW i've progressed because I feel it!!! But the last two weeks I haven't dialated at all, but she has moved down a little. So I can't wait to hear what the doctor says. I'm thinking she's coming in this next week sometime. Sweet Wells is just getting really clingy to me and I honestly think he knows something is up! He has never been a clingy child. Thank goodness he enjoys mother's day out though and goes one day a week. On another note, this is the first day he has been well in 8 days. He has been so sick with all sorts of stuff. Please pray that our house will be healthy by the time Claire arrives!! And we are still nesting (notice the lack of blog posts). Chris has replaced four doors at our house, primed, sanded and painted them. I've cleaned out the pantry, the kids' cabinet in the kitchen, and I'm doing the refridgerator tonight! We are almost ready thank goodness! Not that we'll ever really be ready! But we can't wait to meet her and sweet her sweet face!! I'll keep you all posted and I promise to take pictures of Wells this week and post them! We're holding out hope that Claire will wait until October so the kids will really be 14 months apart!! But of course God's timing is perfect!!! :) I hope you like her room!! I am really proud of it! :) (by the way, carrie and kelly also helped me make wells room a little sporty and updated as well!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day and more updates!

Labor Day weekend gave us lots to talk about!! First of all, Chris and I were crazy enough to go to Atlanta for the Bama game. If you know me well, you know I am just like any guy when it comes to football and even being 36 weeks pregnant didn't hold me back! Chris' mom kept Wells so we could go and my sweet parents gave us the lower seats so I wouldn't have to climb all the steps at the dome. We were on row 15!!! We did take a picture of us with Wells in his cute alabama outfit sat. morning and a family shot, but I need to get those from Chris' mom. In the meantime, check out all that we got to see from our awesome seats! I am like a kid in a candy store now that football season is here and I get to wake up on saturdays to Game Day on Espn. Love it!!
Now onto the bad news of the weekend. Chris and I both got the throw up virus!! Chris got it Sunday morning so our sweet friends Hayley and Mark let us follow them as we pulled over on the interstate several times for Chris. Mark, being the gentleman he is, had me ride with Hayley while he drove Chris so that a pregnant girl didn't have to pull over in atlanta on the interstate! I have never seen Chris so sick and weak. We had to go to the ER when we got home for him to get fluids, etc. I wore a mask b/c swine flu was everywhere in that waiting room!!! Five hours later we were home and trying to go to sleep. I never slept because I got the virus about 10 that night. We both had it until yesterday morning!!!
Now onto the sad news...
Because we were both sick, Chris' parents kept Wells one more night and my parents kept him the next two nights. We missed him so badly. And wouldn't you know, he started WALKING at my mom's house!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I am with this child daily and he decided to walk at my mom's while we were sick!!! Not only this, but he started his first day of Mother's Day Out at Briarwood on Wednesday and my mom had to take him. I at least got to pick him up and see him for the first time in four days. We have had a blast watching him since he's been home though and we are playing like crazy!!!
One more bit of news...
I went to my 36 week appt. today and Claire has moved down one station (forget what that means). She is so high up that the doc. couldn't even tell if I was dialated. So I'm thinking that's good news. She did say I was very dehydrated from the virus and that I really needed to tank up on water for the last four weeks b/c it's dangerous to go into labor b/c of dehydration. so our prayer is a healthy little Claire that will come in October and no sooner!! Of course, God's timing is best whenever that may be!! :) I told you this was a wild weekend/week!! More pics to come of Wells!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 13 Months Wells!

Well, I cannot believe August has already flown past and we are now in September! And I really can't believe Wells is 13 months tomorrow, except for the fact that he is getting more daring and wild as the days go by! I mean, we love him absolutely to death and laugh our heads off, but he is crazy!! We prayed for him to have a fun personality and to be full of life and boy did we get it!! I'll let all the pictures show you what I do on a daily basis (and don't forget I'm due a month from yesterday). Needless to say, he wears me out! His new tricks this month are trying to eat with a fork, trying to repeat lots of things that we say, unrolling the toilet paper any chance he can sneak in the bathroom (and he is fast!), taking everything out of the cabinets that we cannot put the locks on, moving the safety gate on our steps, and crawling up the steps at the speed of light and then sliding down on his stomach like he is on a slip and slide! It is wild!! Just watch and see! These videos don't even do justice b/c he stopped to look at my mom and I when we laughed so hard. Usually he goes down the entire set of stairs, but I can't seem to catch it on video fast enough. So here are two videos showing both. Just look at his precious, yet mischievous face!!! Gotta love him!! Just pray he doesn't hurt himself b/c I can't get to him fast enough and the gates obviously don't work!!! (the video on the bottom is the first half and the one on the top is the second half).