Friday, April 24, 2009

Forget about the Pride!

When you were younger, did you ever say, "I will never drive a minivan" or "I will never be a minivan mom"? Well, those days are over. I've now realized that my pride needs to be kicked to the curb. When you are 5'1, you will have two kids 14 months apart, and you need lots of space, there is nothing better than a minivan!!! After tons of research and tons of test-driving, we have decided to get a used Honda Odyssey. This is the car above!! It was an answer to prayer. The owners are missionaries moving to go overseas and we randomly found them on craigslist. They are actually friends with lots of our friends!! Small world and such a God thing!! We can't wait to get it next week. It has a dvd player, leather seats, all the jazz and we got a great price!! I sold mine very quickly on craigslist and the buyer is getting it May 8th, therefore, we had to move fast. And I spent day and night searching for the best price on a 2005 or 2006 Odyssey. Little did I know, they were very hard to come by at a good price. It is crazy how fast used cars are going at the moment!! Chris and I knew my little infiniti wouldn't work with two kids. The carseats were too big for it and we couldn't fit the double stroller in it!! So, here I am, feeling like it's Christmas morning!! I just can't tell you how excited I am to get this car. I went from "I will never..." to "I am thrilled!!!!" Just pray the buy and sell goes as planned. (By the way, we have to wait until June to find out what we are having...yuck!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!!!

Wells' first Easter was susch a wonderful day. It began with Wells sleeping until 7 this morning!!! yeah!!! We then gave him his basket full of his favorite things (sweet potato puffs, Praise Baby Dvd, a new teething ring, and sippy cup labels...okay that is my favorite). Check out the picture where he was proud of his basket!! We then headed to church with no nap, but it was well worth it. Church this morning was the best Easter service I have ever witnessed and worshipped in. It was so touching and revealed a whole new side of the Easter story. Then we were off to Chris' parents house for Easter with Yaz and Papa. Wells thoroughly enjoyed his first Easter egg over there and took a quick cat nap...way too much fun to sleep! We headed from there to dinner and chaos with my parents and sister's family. We always have a blast together. Now we are stuffed, Wells is asleep, and we are so thankful for the day God gave us to celebrate His resurrection and enjoy our time with our families. I hope yours was just as great! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cousins and 8 months

Okay, so here are pictures finally! Sorry it's been so long. Not only did I not post pictures for Wells' 8 months birthday, but I haven't posted any pictures of my new nephew Elliott!! I feel terrible!! So here you go! These are all three boys (Max, Elliott, and Wells). My sister, Robyn, and I love that they get to see each other all the time and we pray that they will grow up and be best friends! If my next baby is a out world for these boys! And if it's a girl, she's going to have to be tough!!!
Wells has been such a joy this past month. He is rolling everywhere! He is getting up on all fours and just rocking...he can't quite figure out how to move those legs yet! He is also beginning to eat some real food, not just baby food. He LOVES puffs (the sweet potato ones), he is okay with mushed up bananas, and he chokes on cheerios! So we are only at the beginning of the table foods! He is smiling a ton and laughing more, but I chalk that up to the tubes from monday. Wells is still adjusting to the tubes, but overall he is loving life! He has decided sleep is now totally for the birds because there is just so much to hear around him! He is making hilarious noises and talks to himself more than ever! I'm so glad he has them. I just pray he will begin to sleep...I was really hoping this would improve with tubes and not get worse! :) I'm sure it will take a little while to get used to everything for him. Hopefully you'll get to see more cute pictures on Easter Sunday. We are blessed enough to do Easter with both families!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tubes on Monday

So we are getting tubes in the morning at 6 a.m. For anyone reading before then, please pray. I know this is a regular procedure/surgery that is done all the time. It is just really hard for me to imagine giving my child up to have him put to sleep. I just want the poor child to feel good, quick shaking his head back and forth, and to nap more than 30 minutes at a time. I pray it all goes well! I'll keep you posted. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts this week! I've been really busy with a spring show for my stationery business, getting those orders in, and trying to get things done at the house before tomorrow. Wells turned 8 months yesterday which seems so crazy!!! I don't have my camera b/c I left it at my sister's house, so I'll take pics and post in the next couple of days with updates on Wells. Thanks for your prayers. Oh, and as far as my pregnancy goes, (thanks for asking lots of you) I'm feeling great!! Praise the Lord!! :)