Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Blessings

Wells' first Christmas was so awesome. I'll let all the pictures speak for themselves. It added to the excitement of it all and really made us focus more on what Christmas is all about, a baby boy being born for all of us. It was really surreal. In the midst of that, it was also a little stressful going everywhere Christmas day. For those of you who don't know, he is not a good sleeper day or night so this made it even worse. He seriously slept 40 minutes ALL day and woke up a lot that night. Chris said he was just excited for Santa! It was all so great and he got SO many gifts. We still don't know what to do with them all, but we are very grateful. With all this being said, he is now sick. He has ear infections, is all congested and the medicine is really hurting his tummy. So he slept a total of two hours last night and we are already experiencing the same type of night tonight. Please pray for him to get better as it's killing me to see him hurt and I just want him to be well. It honestly makes my heart hurt (well....and my body b/c i don't get sleep either). On another note, our friend the mouse went to be with Jesus on his birthday...yeah (read the post below if you are confused)!! And the next day his friend decided to come into our house and he joined his buddy in heaven the next night. We are hoping no more mice decide to come back!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas two Nights before Christmas at the Sheheanes

Twas two nights before Christmas and all through our house,
not a creature was stirring EXCEPT a FAT MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that santa claus soon would be there.
Wells was nestled all snug in Gay-Gay and dandaddy's bed,
while visions of mom and dad danced in his head.
Mama in her pj's and vedder in dad's lap,
had just settled down for a much needed nap (5 months worth)
When down in the kitchen arose such a clatter,
we sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
but shredded up coupons and a rat struck with fear!!!!!!!!!!

I meant to post this last night. Okay, this is a TRUE story of what went on last night I hope you appreciate this. So Chris and I had our second night without wells (which was sad), so we could sleep. While my mom and dad were keeping Wells and we got home from dinner with best friends and we just couldn't wait to get in bed. Well, Chris decided to go check it out and come to find out, this rat was in our house!!!!!!!!! . And he had chewed up tons of coupons!!!!!!!! Now this could be God getting a good laugh b/c i've become so obsessed with coupons since we're on one salary. But seriously...TWO NIGHTS before Christmas!!! And the first night i've had to sleep in five months!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! Poor chris had been banging pots and pans trying to catch this thing as it scurried around. And I was just laughing/crying in the bed!!!!!!!!! So i had to fill you all in because this poem just came into my mind as I was in my laughing stage!! So we can all laugh later!! So my first christmas married we had a bug infested tree, and this christmas we have a rat. just lovely!!!!! It's still not dead!! We might wake up Christmas morning to a rat on a trap! We ARE the griswalds. Love you all and Merry Christmas!!! Hope yours isn't as eventful as ours, but full of Christ and full of fun!!! Love you all! Have a Very Merry Christmas!! We can't wait to wake up with Wells in the morning. He is our Christmas gift this year. God really blessed us beyond words. I can't even imagine what Mary must have felt carrying our Lord and Savior because I couldn't imagine feeling any more love for a child than I feel for sweet Wells. Christmas is such an amazing time. This WILL be a Christmas to more ways than one!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Swag Bucks

Hey Y'all! Okay, I may be behind on the times, but my friend Carrie told me about the this great search engine. I know we all "google" everything everyday (especially if you have a child who is sick and you need to know what to do!). Well, if you use swagbucks to search it, every once in a while you'll get a swag buck. Well, these swagbucks get you free stuff!! One girl just got a Wii! And I just got my first prize, a $5 giftcard to starbucks. There is no catch at all. All you have to do is sign up on this link or go to the picture at the top right of my blog. Whenever you go to search something, instead of google, go to They actually use google anyways. So go for it and see what you can do! One lady seriously bought ALL her christmas gifts with the swag bucks. Can you tell I'm excited about this! I'll send a post with pics next time. Merry Christmas! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures with Santa!

Today Robyn and I took Wells and Max to see Santa! It was so much fun!! I really honestly completely forgot about doing this until Robyn called the other day to see if we wanted to join them. I just laughed because of course Wells has no clue what Santa even is! He was really cute though and Santa was precious! Max of course told him what he wanted! I just had to share this picture! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy 4 Months Wells!

We can't believe Wells is already four months old. Although some days are really long (when he hasn't slept), time is flying and I hope it slows down. I am just so in love with him! When I'm not with him, i miss him! But it is nice to get away sometimes! Here are Wells' four months pictures. One of these will be his Christmas picture. I have some others not in Christmas clothes that I'll post later. He is sooo close to rolling over, but that is really his only milestone besides smiling and laughing. He does grab at things and loves the mirror, but that's about it! I know he's about to do lots of things, so maybe I can post more on his other posts! For now, I just love staring at him and watching him smile!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope you all had as good of a thanksgiving as we had! We went to Chris' parents at 11:00, ate tons, and had a blast. Wells was wonderful and got all sorts of attention! I gave him a big hug and kiss that morning because I knew I probably wouldn't see him the rest of the day! Wells took two naps there so I was getting really excited that he wasn't going to be too off schedule that night! We then left at 3:45 and went to my parents' with 15 others! We continued to eat our way through Thanksgiving. It was so much fun. Again, Wells was passed around all afternoon/night. We tried many times to put him down, but lost that battle. He was way too interested in everything that was going on. So we decided to just try to put him down for the night at my mom's and again, he refused! We got home around 7:30 and finally got him down. But we were up with him every two hours for the rest of the night!! Friday, it was time to decorate!! (check the post below) It was an awesome day of staying in pj's. Then Saturday...well, it was a blast! Roll Tide! We got to go to the game while Chris' parents kept Wells. It was his first full day and night away from us. He slept all night for them (of course)! But we were thrilled b/c we knew we didn't have to worry about him, but I did miss him tons. Today was just a relaxing Sunday! We have so much to be thankful for and this thanksgiving was definitely the best I have ever had.

Decorating for Christmas!

Okay, I don't know about y'all, but I LOVE decorating for Christmas. We always do it the day after thanksgiving and Chris just loves every minute (yeah right)! It just gets me so excited! But Chris has to take everything out of the attic and I do the inside while he does the outside. The one part we do together is the tree, of course! I love getting out the ornaments and having memories flood my mind. So I'd get out the ornaments and just laugh or oooh and ahhhh, while chris would just throw them up wherever. Then we'd have to have the discussion of how the "ugly" ornaments needed to go on the back. Even though they are sweet, they are still ugly! And we also had to discuss that chris' hundreds (okay not hundreds, but lots) of baseball ornaments didn't need to go on the front. So here is chris enjoying every minute with me while decorating the tree with one of his baseball ornaments!! Now he gets to put all the boxes up tomorrow! fun fun fun!! I'm sure you all have similar stories! Don't you just love Christmas?!!!! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Well, we cannot believe Wells is 16 weeks today! I know, I know...the "weeks" thing is so annoying. He will be four months old on December 4th. He has really become such a blast! First of all, he is sleeping through the night every other night. The other nights he wakes up every two hours, but we won't go there! We aren't real sure why, but we are thankful for those other nights! He is also smiling all the time and laughing like crazy. My way! It is precious. If I could ever figure out how to post a video, i'd show you! Maybe one day. We are so thankful for his precious smile and laugh and they can make any bad day seem amazing! We are also thankful for the bumbo seat because it definitely helps us cook and do things in the kitchen while he is with us. And he is quite proud to sit in it! Wells also loves to stand! He always wants to stand when we hold him standing up or sitting down. He is stiff as a board! We are so thankful he is in good health, but we do ask for your prayers as he has some major tummy issues and we may have to see a GI doctor. We are going to be able to go to both grandparents' homes for thanksgiving on Thursday and the Alabama/Auburn game on Saturday so we will post again this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Play Group!

Okay, isn't this picture hilarious?!! This is our Community Group (sunday school) play group/mom's group. We all know this is really for the moms who need some encouragement and some time with each other, but we had to prove that the children really do love it! I mean...look at these faces! Don't they just look thrilled?!!! We laughed so hard getting this picture. This really is the highlight of my week. About 6-10 of us meet every Wednesday from 10-12 and it is such an awesome time for us to vent, share advice, encourage each other, and just get out of the house! Wells is third from the left and is obviously just chillin! Thank you Hayley for our fun Wednesdays!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wells' Baby Dedication

Today was such an incredible day. We dedicated Wells to the Lord, and to the church body today. Both sets of grandparents came and Robyn, Charles and Max came as well (my sister and her family). It was such an honor for us to present Wells to the church and to really give our promise that we will raise Wells in a Christian home and bring him up to prayerfully love the Lord with all his heart and soul. Chris and I picked out scripture for him that Chris read aloud and that we will pray for Wells for the rest of his life. The scripture was Proverbs 3:3-4. It was even more special because we got to share this with two of our best couple friends from our community group (sunday school), The Blairs and Matteos. All our boys are close in age and will hopefully be great friends for a long time. It was also the first time that I have sat in the sanctuary for church since Wells has been born. It was an emotional day and really encouraging. Wells wore my brother-in-laws christening gown from when he was little and everyone loved it...except Chris who said it was a dress. As soon as we got to church, a sweet lady said "Oh, she is beautiful" and Chris just glared at me! I thought it was hilarious! To me he just looked like a doll! Anyways, after the dedication we all came over for lunch and cake. It was just an awesome day and one I will always remember.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Wells...aka...Curious George

Wells' first halloween was a great success (other than the fact he didn't go to either grandparents' house)!! Our neighborhood always gets together for a block party before all the kids trick or treat. It is always fun. And Wells hung in there. His fussy time is usually from 5:30-6:30 until he goes down, but he made it tonight! Only one minor fussy time came out. We have the best neighbors! Two of our best couple friends, Hayley and Jimbo and Karen and Adam, from sunday school live near us and they joined us for our first halloween with kiddos. We all had so much fun just laughing at their costumes and how much they will hate us later for it!! He got to sleep by 7:15 (notice the last picture) and is still down. yahoo!! Now we are enjoying seeing all the kids in the neighborhood as they come to our house. What a fun night! I can't wait until Wells actually realizes what's going on!! :) We have a sunday school party Sunday night where we have to dress up as well, so look out for those posts. Wells is also getting dedicated this's a big weekend!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so we didn't go to the pumpkin patch like everyone else I know, but we do love the fall! I definitely want to go, but I think I'll wait until next year when Wells is hopefully sleeping well and happy more hours of the day!! So I decided to put him in one of his cute halloween outfits and take some pictures. I'll definitely post more on the actual halloween, but these were too cute not to post! He really is smiling and having so much more fun each and everyday! So I have to capture it for all my friends. We talk to each other all day! He makes noises seriously all day long. He is definitely going to be a talker...just like me! I'm ready for the giggle to come out to see if he has my obnoxious laugh!! He had a fun playdate with Little Dale Serrano (Suzanne Olcott Serrano's little boy). Wells was very serious around him, but I just figured it was because he was jealous of his hair! I have another fun post coming from this past weekend, Wells' first Alabama game experience on the quad! I just don't have the pictures yet. I hope everyone is enjoying this cool weather as much as we are!!! Enjoy it while it lasts before it gets so cold that no one wants to go out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Pictures...More Fun!

Hey friends! Well, I promised to update every week so I am not going to let you down! Wells is now 2 1/2 months and praise the Lord, the last two days he has napped and slept pretty well at night. We are getting there! I'm doing all I can to guard his sleep and help the poor guy out until he learns to fall asleep on his own. Thank you Sarah Warren for your guidance and encouragement! I have relaxed a little and just realized I am doing all I can. I also received a book from Chris' mom titled The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program and it is awesome! It just makes total sense. So we'll see how it goes! Sorry, I feel like I'm always talking about sleep! On another note, he is getting to be really fun with his little personality. Check out the photos and you'll see what I mean! Chris and I are having more and more fun with him. You will soon see video clips because Chris gave me a video camera for an early birthday present!! I was so excited!! Chris, my parents, and my sister all went in together to give me a video camera which I have been dying for. It was such an awesome surprise! Once I figure out how to use it, I'll post some clips. Don't hold your may take me a while! On another fun note, Chris started a new job this week. He is now working with my dad and they have an air pollution control business called Caldwell/Sheheane Industrial Inc. We are so excited about this and my dad and Chris are really having fun together. It is such an answer to prayer for everyone. And who knows, maybe one day little Wells will join his daddy since it is his name and all! :) My sister and I are doing some exciting stuff with our business as well. I'll write more about that when it is all said and done.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wells is Two months old...any advice??

Hey Friends! Okay, so I'm sorry there is no picture on this post. I've been a bit tired and busy all week. My sister and I had our Christmas Open House for our company, Save the Dates (which is about to change to Paper with Purpose...but I'll write about that later) last night and tonight. It required a lot of work, but was really fun!! For those of you who don't know, we sell stationery, wedding invitations, birth announcements, and lots of baby and adult gift items. We will have a website up soon and I'll tell you more. Anyways, this is about Wells! So he is now two months and is backtracking!!! He is waking up every two hours in the middle of the night and totally wrestling out of his swaddle. He hates it!!! I mean, kicking and screaming hates it! But he wakes up so often from flailing without it. And we have read every book and tried every trick. My child is no "book child"!! He comes off the incline, hates his back, definitely will not go down without being soothed, etc. I woke up to him crying at 1,3,5 yesterday and at 5 he was wide-eyed and smiling when I picked him up. So i knew that was trouble. He was ready to play! And I was ready to cry! Anyways, he can be soothed back down so he isn't hungry. We just aren't quite sure what is going on. His naps during the day are also back to being home-bound. He only likes to nap when forced...lovely! On a good note, he is cooing and smiling more which is fun! And of course I love him to bits. Nighttimes are just getting really tough. So any advice would be much appreciated!! I've really tried everything!! I just feel like he doesn't know how to put himself to sleep so he is just as frustrated as me...poor guy! I can't wait to see what I get in return to this post and I'm really afraid of people saying..."just stick it out, it will get better!" But I really feel that God is telling me to just be still and patient and know that I'm not in control. It's funny how God can teach us things, even through an infant's sleep patterns! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots of Pictures and Week 8 excitement!

Here you go! I've posted lots of pictures from this past week. Everyone told me that by week 8, I would start to tell a difference in Wells' behavior, his sleep patterns, and in myself. It's been true! We actually got him on a night time schedule. He now goes to bed between 6:30-6:45 and is struggling to make it to that point! He sleeps between 4-6 hours at a time, and is always up around 6:45 in the morning. We owe that to the miracle blanket, our persistance and his sound machine!! He even started sleeping in the car and in the stroller some, which is a major breakthrough! He must have learned that life really isn't more exciting than his need for sleep! He smiled a lot more this week too, which is always fun for Chris and me. I decided to show you his many facial expressions in the pictures above so that you can see what I see everyday. Some are hilarious! We also had our first church trip with Wells this morning. He seemed so proud wearing his daddy's baby outfit (although he wasn't so sure at first if you look at the the picture of him in the top left corner with his outfit on)! Chris' mom gave us some sweet outfits that chris used to wear and I have seen some of them in stores now! It's nice to know that baby styles don't change much! We were going to save it for his baby dedication which is Nov. 2, but he wouldn't have been able to wear it at that point. Even though I'm still exhausted, I feel like everyday is getting a little more routine and more exciting. I just can't believe it's already been eight weeks. Wow!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 7 and the Two Month Check-up

Well, Monday made week seven for Wells. Wow, time flies! And I know you want to see pictures and not just read the updates. I promise to post some later. I'll take some pictures today. Wells had his two month check-up yesterday and got his first round of shots. He was such a champ! Chris said he only cried for about two seconds (I wouldn't know because I left the room so I wouldn't have to see it or hear it)!! He's a lot tougher than me obviously. He did well all day and night too. We even had a sleep stretch from 8:00-3:00a.m.!! So exciting! I'm sure it was the shots, but I'll take it! He weighed 11 pounds 12 ounces and was in the 70%. We think he's really long, but the nurse measured him wrong so we don't know it. If her calculations were right...he shrunk!! we laughed and the doctor said she was wrong. I'm still a little worried about the brain capacity because his head was only in the 15%!! It keeps going down in the percentage category. That's okay...we love our little pea-head!! He is just perfect to us! This week was so exciting because he has started smiling and playing a lot. We hear him cooing over the monitor for long periods of time. He still looks just like Chris and still acts just like me...not wanting to miss a second of fun. Putting him down for naps and at night can be quite a task. Chris and I finally have him on a night time schedule (at least to go down) and we feel like each day gets better and better. We are really just praising God every day for him and love sharing the updates with you all! I promise pictures will come today or tomorrow!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Six! still not sleeping!

Hey Friends! So tomorrow, Monday September 15th, marks week six for Wells. He is getting more and more fun everyday! I received my first "real" smile this past week! I could never imagine that it would melt my heart like that! I even got a little teary! He is still pretty serious most of the time, but I know this won't last long if he really has my personality. I just hope the poor child doesn't get my laugh or he'll be ridiculed for life!! Chris is for sure that he does because he never wants to nap or go to sleep at night...still. We're at most doing 4 hour stretches on a good night. He is really afraid of missing out on some fun! He loves his bouncy seat as you can tell in the pics! Many of you have asked how Vedder, our dog, has done with him. As you can tell in the picture, he literally watches him all day with me! He is either under my feet or Wells' body at all times. It's really sweet, but 100 pounds of lab can sort of get in the way. Wells also loves his Alabama outfits. He has a different one for almost every game! Our friends know us well!! :) I had to take a picture last night of Wells and Chris in their matching outfits! And of course his cousin Max still wants to be around him all the time! He likes to be right in his face and I think Wells likes it! He usually follows him with his eyes everywhere. We are really loving every minute with him because he is already just growing so fast! He is almost 11 pounds...scary! What can I say...he likes food! God has really blessed us with this sweet angel who is really laid back and easy (besides the no sleep!). We have yet to hear an all out cry...knock on wood!! I'll send more pics next week! I'm ready to spend time with lots of you soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wells is One Month Old!

We can't believe Wells is already one month old! He was a month old yesterday. It is amazing how much has happened in one month. Some days seem like they will never end, but all in all, it's gone by so quickly! He has been visited by so many friends! Chris said he's going to be just like me...very social! He doesn't want to sleep when ANYTHING is going on. I guess he's afraid he'll miss out. These pictures are not of every friend by any means, but these are the pics I got when some of you visited (sorry if I didn't take one with you!). There are also some pictures that really capture his first month...sleeping, cheering at his first alabama game with Chris and his cousin Max, seeing all his new friends, and wearing his robe before bath time (he loves bath time with his dad and vedder...yes, it is guy time!). We are braving the schedules and I'm determined to stick to it, but Wells is testing me big time. This week he decided it was way more fun to stay awake and have nap strikes as well as wake up every 2 hours to eat. I'm praying it's a growth spurt and that next week will be better. I've gotten lots of advice from friends and books, so we'll see. Hopefully my next post will say, "Wells, the perfect baby!" yeah right! Anyways, this first month has been trying, but so amazing. And it's really crazy how much you can love someone in just one month! Chris and I couldn't thank God enough for little Wells!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you ready for some football?!!

We are definitely ready for some Alabama football!!! Check out this precious shirt from our friends Susan and Blake Russell. He is ready! And so is mama! Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to go through withdrawals not being at this first game. It's probably the first season opener I've missed in years!!! The answer is no, because I get to watch it with Wells! Chris keeps telling him that he hasn't met the real mama until he watches an Alabama game with me! We'll see! Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week 2 and 3- newborn pics and survival mode!

Before you read this, I wanted you all to see his precious newborn pictures! They'll only be online for another week or so. Go to and go to client proofing and type in sheheane for the password.

Okay, so weeks two and three (he'll be three weeks monday) are together because of our crazy week! Maybe survival mode is a harsh title, but I'll fill you in on our week and you can see for yourself!! Well, we had to move in with my mom and dad on Sunday because we had to get a whole new air conditioning unit in our house and had to be out because of dust. We loved being at my parents and of course they were SUPER helpful, but moving out of our house with a two week old was quite the challenge. We felt like we packed everything but the kitchen sink. So that was stressful enough! Then on top of that, Wells didn't sleep so well at my parents. He didn't like their crib and would only sleep in his bassinet. So I had to sleep on their couch and get up LOTS when he wouldn't sleep. We did get to venture out and have a first walk in the stroller which was great! So major thanks to my parents for letting us come, but we are glad to be home because now he's doing great, sleeping tons, and happy as a lark! It's amazing how in only 2 weeks of life, he can get used to his home and his crib! We also had our first pediatric appt, this week. Wells weighed 8 lbs. 11 ouncces and was 21.5 inces long. He was in the 50% for weight, 60% for height (i laughed) and 25% for his head!! We hope that does not indicate his brain size!! Anyways everything else was pretty good. He still has sort of high jaundice levels, so we are praying those go down in the next couple of weeks. We also had my ten year reunion to go to all weekend since I had planned it all year. So with him being only 11 days old and me still in pain, we survived three events this weekend and Wells had both grandparents babysit. I was sad leaving him and in pain after an hour of each event, but I am so glad I went. It has taken me all week to recover though!! So all of this combined made it a very tiring week!! We are all doing great now and still just loving every minute with Wells! The pictures above are Wells with all his presents from my Australia family that I love and feel like are real family, Chris and Wells hanging out (they play and rest every night when chris comes home), chris and I before my reunion, and the last one is Wells with his cousin Max (my nephew) who loves him so much!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week one with Wells

Okay, so week one was an amazing gift from God, but the most trying time of my life! We came home from the hospital with Wells having a high biliruben count, which means he had jaundice beyond the norm. Because it was so high, we had to have a phototherapy light for him to lay on (first two pictures) 24-7. He looked like a glow worm b/c it was an ultraviolet light underneath his whole body! We were only able to hold him to feed and change his diaper. It was for five days and it was so hard. Of course I cried because I wanted to hold my precious baby, but I also knew it would make him better. We had to feed, take temp, change diaper, and go back on the light within thirty minutes and we had to do this every 2 hours. So needless to say, we were wearing thin! Then, praise the Lord, his levels were great yesterday and they came and got the light. I didn't let Wells go all day! Today I woke up and cuddled him all morning and didn't even care about not sleeping. We have felt like new people since he's been off the light. Going three hours at a time before feeding again seems like forever compared to what we've been doing. By the way, he totally has his days and nights confused and thinks it's party time at night. But I cannot complain AT ALL because he is a precious angel. Right now he only cries when he gets changed and he just makes lots of funny noises when he wants to eat. So I know things can all change in a day, but I'm taking advantage right now. The bassinet he sleeps in all day is in the lower right hand corner and I just love it! He does too. He's in it half of the day. He loves to suck on his thumb and pacies, but check out how he sucks his thumb in the picture. He may take a while to figure things out! He's now been sleeping in his crib for two nights (at least for a couple of hours). He has also changed so much already. He started out looking just like chris, but now people have said he looks like me too! yeah!! We are loving every minute with him and thank God for this miracle. I'll try to post new pictures and stories every week or two. Thanks for all the love, encouragement, gifts, meals, time spent with us, and most of all for the prayers.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wells is here!!!

Wells arrived Monday, August 4th at 5:34 p.m. after 25 hours of total labor time! He weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. And check out his profile...he is a carbon copy of Chris at the moment! Well, we know this is way past due! It's been a really long three/four days and the internet was only up for about 3 hours the whole time we were at Brookwood! As you can tell, we love him so much already. He has jaundice, which lots of little babies get, but we are praying it goes away. I'm also having a pretty hard recovery after the long long labor. So know that we appreciate the love and support so much!! It just may be a while before we can get into normalcy again with emailing and calls! We feel soooooooooooooo blessed and can't wait to share more stories and pictures. Thanks again for all the encouragement!!!!
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Wells is coming Monday!

Hey Friends! Well, thank goodness we're finally close. After a sleepless night of thinking nausea was labor pains, I was wrong! I went to the doctor for my last check-up today and I was finally 85% effaced and still not dialated. So the plan is to go into Brookwood at 4 on Sunday and have the easy cath and stay overnight. Then they will induce me Monday morning. We are so excited and so ready! My doctor just doesn't want to wait any longer. She said it will not be an easy thing to go through sunday and monday so we are praying that he will just come on his own before, but we know God's plan is perfect. Thanks again for the encouragement and my next post will have Wells in it prayerfully!! Yeah!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

One week to Go! (maybe!)

Okay, so here is the latest update: (read carefully b/c it may be confusing!)
I went in at 8:00 this morning to have an ultrasound. My amniotic fluid was great, Wells looked great, and then the sonographer said, "Have we discussed that you will have a big baby?" Then I started to sweat! She said he is measuring at 8 pounds 4 ounces now!!! It gets better... So then I went to my doctor's appointment and she just laughed! : ) She told me the ultrasounds can be off and that she thinks he is probably not that big YET. So she checks me out and still no progress...shocking. She tried to strip my membrane and Wells wouldn't cooperate. So then I went to have a stress test, and all was great. In the meantime, my doctor is trying to figure out what to do and I'm praying that I'm not going to deliver an 8 pound or bigger baby!! The doctor came back and said, "Do you want a c-section?" Well, I'm not the doctor and I really want whatever is best to happen so I didn't answer. My doctor was perplexed because my body size doesn't match up compared to the baby size and she realized he isn't budging ANY time soon. So the outcome is that she scheduled another appointment for me for Friday morning to check me again. If nothing has happened, I'm going in Sunday night to have a balloon cath (no clue what that is). I'll stay overnight and they'll induce me Monday morning at 6. If he is too big or won't come, we'll do a c-section after that. At least there is now a light at the end of the tunnel! I have 7 days or less at this point and for that I am thankful! I can't lie and say I'm not fearful of having to go through regular labor and then have a c-section after all, but I also know that God is in control and thank goodness He is!! Please help me to pray that I'll be patient and at total peace with it all and that Wells and I will be healthy as can be when it is all said and done! Thanks for the encouragement this far and for your sweet comments!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's Update

Hey Everyone! I promised that I would post after my doctor's appointments so here goes today's appt. Well I think she was trying to be nice, but she said I might now be 50% effaced, but still no dialation and my cervix is very far back. She said I need to pray for contractions in the next week to week and a half in order for the cervix to move down. I told her I'm walking, doing water aerobics, danced at a wedding saturday night, and am eating spicy foods. So I guess God is proving that He will send Wells when He is ready and not necessarily when I'm ready. I truly am learning to be more patient and to not be so anxious. My doctor also told me I have a hernia in my lower abdomen. I noticed a bulge this week and she confirmed today that is what it is. So it's painful and will be when I give birth, so please pray that this will heal on it's own once the baby comes. She said because of the placement that it really could fuse back together on it's own. So that's what I'm praying for. Next Monday, I'll have an ultrasound before my appointment to make sure everything is okay and the fluid is still all there since my doctor said I'm completely out of room and I've lost weight since my last visit (which I'm totally great with as long as Wells isn't losing it). I'll post again next Monday unless a miracle happens and he decides to come on out this week! Thanks for the encouragement from last week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No News!

Hey Friends! Well, so many of you have been so sweet to ask how I'm doing and how I'm progressing. So I've decided to post an update each week to keep all my friends up to date! The answer this week was NO PROGRESSION! My doctor said that Wells must be having a good ole time in my belly because he is not wanting to go anywhere anytime soon! So my due date is August 1st, but by the looks of things it could be later! I've gotten encouragement from lots of folks that said it can really happen anytime and not to worry about my check-ups. So we'll see! I'm just getting lots of projects finished, cleaning, working with my stationery business with Robyn, and working on my reunion. So I'm definitely not bored! Just a wee bit uncomfortable! For all of you who have been pregnant in the summer, you know what I mean! Some times I just stick my head in the freezer and I feel much better! I also eat popsicles all day. But all in all, I'm doing great and just trusting that God's timing will be perfect when Wells arrives! Maybe more news next week...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wells' Nursery

Well, here it is! Many of you have asked for pictures and I finally took some tonight! Being type A, I wanted this finished a month before he was born and I did it! I have all of his clothes washed, bottles sterilized, and things put into drawers! I just wanted July to be full of rest and time to hang out with Chris, family, and friends before Wells arrives. I am really excited about his nursery and hope you love it too! I have to give a special thanks to Carrie Barrow who made the cute mobile and helped my mom and I put the nursery together. So many of you gave me the precious paintings, gifts, clothes, and other details you see in the room. So thank you so much! I just feel so blessed! Check out all the photos and enjoy! Chris was proud to at least get the baseball nightlight. He is also getting to hang a sepia colored baseball picture over the dresser. Those will be his touches. And for those of you who have known me since I was little, you are not seeing double! There are now two Muttsy's!!! Laura (mino) Verner, a precious lifelong friend, googled to find the original Muttsy so Wells could have one. It was sort of a joke, but it was so special to me!!! For those of you who don't know, Muttsy was the dog I slept with from fourth grade through college, literally. He was taken all over the world and lost MANY times (or taken and hidden...michele, lindsay, suzanne, alicia, and kathryn!) It is so hard to believe he will be in this room soon!! We are praying for a safe arrival into the world when the Lord is ready for him to come! We are so excited!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary and Nesting!

Chris and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday, June 17th. It is really amazing how time flies!! We had a date night at Satterfield's in Cahaba Heights. For those of you who haven't been, it's wonderful! I feel so fortunate to be married to him and I am so excited to see him as a dad!! He really just makes me laugh all the time. God is teaching us both so much and it's just really fun to see how much we've grown in two years. He says I'm not half as sensitive as I used to be and I think he's more patient with me! We are trying to have at least one date night a week now until Wells comes because the nights we are at home, Chris knows I'll have a project for him! He thinks I'm completely in the nesting phase. We went to a birthing class today and when we returned I had two projects in mind. Unfortunately I couldn't find Chris anywhere after we walked in the door. Then a few minutes later I see Chris and Vedder peeking behind a corner upstairs hiding from me! For those of you who know Chris well, I know you're laughing. This is very typical! Once again, I just died laughing. He was super sweet and helped me with my projects! Anyways, I just wanted to fill you all in on how lucky I feel to be married to him and how we are going to really take advantage of these last five weeks of being just the two of us! (And I hope I don't come up with too many more projects in the meantime! : )

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Shower to Remember!! : )

Well, today was more than I can explain! 14 of my friends threw me a friends and family shower at my mom's house. It was just perfect in every way! It was really overwhelming at how many amazing friends God has put in my life. I am truly blessed! The shower was full of my favorite things: ice cream sundaes, lemonade, and of course best friends!! They all came from all different walks of my life and made the day incredible. We received not only tons of love, but tons of presents!! Wells is one lucky boy!! I'll be sure to tell him everyday! We received playmats, tons of clothes, diapers, bottles, monitors, diaper genies, homemade gifts that were adorable, blankets, burp cloths, and much much more. When Chris came to help load up the car he was completely in awe. My sister joked that my baby shower was bigger than her wedding!! ha! The truth is that I love my friends to death and each and every person there meant the world to me. So thank you all so much for coming, helping, serving, and making the day one to never forget. I love you all so much! And there are many of you who couldn't make it, but know that you were missed and I appreciate you and all you do as well! What a great day! : )

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights Shower

On Monday, May 12th, my amazing friends and some parents at my school had a "Mother's Day" Baby shower for me. It was beyond anything that I can describe. They had every sort of food, treat, drink, and present imaginable. Chris and I were more overwhelmed than I can even describe. My mom, sister, nephew, and sweet husband joined in on the fun. Chris braved my "teacher world" and came. I am taking next year off of school and praying about what to do in the future. Chris said I am taking early retirement, but we will see financially how things go! Robyn and I are going to try to keep our Save the Dates stationery/invitations business going strong. I cannot explain how excited I am about my new job of being a mother, but I will miss these teachers, parents, children and friends from Cahaba Heights so much. It is the most amazing faculty you could ever work with. It is truly like a family and I will miss everyone so much. I will be back to visit often, especially my kindergarten friends! I love them so much! To all of you reading from school, I cannot thank you enough! You are wonderful! God blessed me with such an amazing group of friends, parents, and kids at Cahaba Heights.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Baby Shower!

Mountain Brook Community Group Baby Shower for four of us.
It was such a blast!

Emily, Amy, Karen, and I- the shower was obviously for the 4 of us!

Well, I had my first baby shower on Sunday, April 27th! It was such a fun shower because I got to share it with four good friends from my Community Group (sunday school class). For those of you who don't know, Chris and I go to Mountain Brook Community Church and it has been more of a blessing than I can even describe. So the girls from our class threw us a group shower. We all received a big present from the group. I got my first present, our infant car seat and carrier!! Yeah!! So this is obviously a big need and it will be fun to say that our class gave it to us. We really love our community group more than we can describe and we have grown so much from other believers in our class and our church in general. So enjoy these pregnant pics that I so badly didn't want to post!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Okay, I know that until I have Wells, this won't get checked too much! But for those of you who are reading this, I've been tagged by Sarah Burgess to answer some questions! Thanks for thinking of me Sarah and it's funny that I checked out your blog today! So for those who would like to read this today, go for it!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was finishing up my senior year at Vestavia Hills High School (and I'm planning the 10 year reunion now!!!)

2. 5 Things on my To Do List:
- check up on reunion stuff
- deal with someone who put fraud charges on our credit cards (fun)
- fill out cumulative files on each kindergarten student I have this year
- cook something ? : )
- watch grey's anatomy!!

3. 5 Snacks I enjoy:-triscuits and cheese, string cheese, pickles, ice cream, apple/peanut butter (can you tell I'm pregnant!!)

4. 5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:-
- support more people on staff with college ministries and tithe more
- buy chris a land rover (his dream car)
- move to house that had a tennis court and pool
- live on the beach in the summers
- pay off everyone's debt from these stupid gas prices

5. 5 Bad Habits:-
- biting my nails, - eating when i'm not hungry, - checking emails all the time, - worrying, -snoring (lately!!)
6. 5 Places I've Lived:-Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Australia, Lake Tahoe, and Destin
7. 5 Jobs I've Had:-
- Fun Stuff gift shop retail worker
- babysitter (all of my life!)
- Campus Crusade for Christ staff
- Teacher
- Save the Dates-stationery business with robyn

Okay, so now I'm supposed to tag someone and it's Mary! Yeah! She will probably be the only one to read this, but Mary now you need to start a blog!!!! love you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great News From the Doctor

Hey Friends! Well, Chris and I went last Wednesday to the doctor and we found out that the fluid in Wells' kidneys is all gone! Praise the Lord, it resolved itself! Chris and I were elated. We didn't know when to expect this to go away, if it would at all, but we definitely didn't think it would be so soon. We are so thankful. It is so much fun to get to see him all the time though so we will miss the ultrasounds!! I don't think we get another one now until the end. We will continue to keep you posted on the pregnancy and on Wells' health as we continue to go back. It's crazy that I'm already 25 weeks pregnant! He will be here before we know it! We are working on the nursery so hopefully in the next month or two we can post pictures of it. Much love to all our friends! Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We're Having a Boy!!

I am extremely behind on this news for our blog, but we found out that we are having a boy!! We are going to name hiim Caldwell Alan Sheheane. We are calling him Wells. We are so excited! Chris of course is already talking baseball! We are asking for prayers because he has fluid in his kidneys and hopefully/prayerfully it will resolve itself. Please pray for this because we don't know what will happen if it doesn't. We definitely have a peace and know that God is in control. We go back to the doctor on April 9th and we can tell you more then.
We were very blessed to be able to go on a cruise last week to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Princess Cays (Bahamas). It was so beautiful and really beyond what I can describe. We really needed to take a trip before Wells arrives! It was as relaxing as it was amazing. Everyone needs to do this before they have a baby!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back to the blogging world!

Well, I finally figured out how to post pictures to our blog page!  I'm definitely slow on all of this, but I'll get there!  I'm so excited because we find out next Wednesday, March 12th, what we are having!!  I'll share on this blog as soon as we find out!  All of my friends that are in the blogging world are so good about keeping everyone up to date.  I'm getting there I promise!! And I know I'll be good when the baby comes!  In the meantime, be praying that this baby is healthy and that Chris and I would embrace every minute that we have together before the baby comes!  And I'll write again next Wednesday!  

Friday, January 4, 2008

We're Having a Baby!!!

Yeah! On November 28th, Chris and I were thrilled and blessed to find out that a baby Sheheane is coming on August 1st. We've waited until now to tell everyone. We are so excited and can't wait to see what God has in store for us!!! Love ya'll! Dana