Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and half marathon!!

We had the best thanksgiving that I can remember since we've had kids. We've always had so much to be thankful for, but honestly the last two years have been tough trying to schedule everything around naps, bedtimes, and illnesses. If you've read this blog for a while, you know we haven't had the easiest of babies!! And although we have still felt so blessed and thankful, this year was just THE BEST!!! The kids were old enough to play with each other (which they do so well anyways), played with their cousins for hours, and the adults all got to really catch up and enjoy one another. We had my parents' thanksgiving last weekend so that we could enjoy one weekend with each family and no one has to miss! Last weekend before thanksgiving day with my parents, I ran in my first half marathon!! I've always wanted to run in one, but honestly thought I couldn't do it. Well in July I decided it was time to train! A best friend and I have had tons of fun together over the years and knew we would do this if we held each other accountable. So we did it!! We were so proud! We didn't worry about time as much as sticking to our plan. For the most part it was such a blast. I was definitely sore, and a little loopy afterwards, but it is something I want to try to do once a year. And laura is such a trooper doing it 20 weeks pregnant!! I ate plenty of calories that night to reenergize myself!! :) Then we did Chris' parents family on Thanksgiving day. It was so relazing and just so much fun for all of us. We thank God for all His many blessings, but especially our families.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun!!!

Our neighborhood has an awesome cookout/potluck for an hour and then we all go trick or treating. Not only do we have lots of kids, but we have three couples that are close friends of ours from church! The boys had a BLAST running around. And Claire tried to keep up for sure. By the time Trick-Or-Treating came around they were CRAZY!! :) it was such a fun year with Wells getting it!!!

The cowardly lion Wells! He LOVED his costume!

Trick or Treating at Mrs. Hayley and Mr. Jimbo's house! (some of our best buds)

Trying to get 6 kids in a the blairs, matteos (joined our neighborhood for the night), and our kiddos. We are so blessed with so many fun friends from church with boys that LOVE each other! I wish I had gotten more pics with the Tucker and Dorman kiddos! sorry friends!

And here is Dorothy Claire, Toto, and her new smile :)

Checking out the paws

Wells "waking" Claire up from nap (scared her to death)

Claire showing us her ruby red slippers!

Loving on Toto

My sweet little lion! He definitely isn't furocious!

Can you tell we had a fun night?!?

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