Friday, October 31, 2008

Wells...aka...Curious George

Wells' first halloween was a great success (other than the fact he didn't go to either grandparents' house)!! Our neighborhood always gets together for a block party before all the kids trick or treat. It is always fun. And Wells hung in there. His fussy time is usually from 5:30-6:30 until he goes down, but he made it tonight! Only one minor fussy time came out. We have the best neighbors! Two of our best couple friends, Hayley and Jimbo and Karen and Adam, from sunday school live near us and they joined us for our first halloween with kiddos. We all had so much fun just laughing at their costumes and how much they will hate us later for it!! He got to sleep by 7:15 (notice the last picture) and is still down. yahoo!! Now we are enjoying seeing all the kids in the neighborhood as they come to our house. What a fun night! I can't wait until Wells actually realizes what's going on!! :) We have a sunday school party Sunday night where we have to dress up as well, so look out for those posts. Wells is also getting dedicated this's a big weekend!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so we didn't go to the pumpkin patch like everyone else I know, but we do love the fall! I definitely want to go, but I think I'll wait until next year when Wells is hopefully sleeping well and happy more hours of the day!! So I decided to put him in one of his cute halloween outfits and take some pictures. I'll definitely post more on the actual halloween, but these were too cute not to post! He really is smiling and having so much more fun each and everyday! So I have to capture it for all my friends. We talk to each other all day! He makes noises seriously all day long. He is definitely going to be a talker...just like me! I'm ready for the giggle to come out to see if he has my obnoxious laugh!! He had a fun playdate with Little Dale Serrano (Suzanne Olcott Serrano's little boy). Wells was very serious around him, but I just figured it was because he was jealous of his hair! I have another fun post coming from this past weekend, Wells' first Alabama game experience on the quad! I just don't have the pictures yet. I hope everyone is enjoying this cool weather as much as we are!!! Enjoy it while it lasts before it gets so cold that no one wants to go out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Pictures...More Fun!

Hey friends! Well, I promised to update every week so I am not going to let you down! Wells is now 2 1/2 months and praise the Lord, the last two days he has napped and slept pretty well at night. We are getting there! I'm doing all I can to guard his sleep and help the poor guy out until he learns to fall asleep on his own. Thank you Sarah Warren for your guidance and encouragement! I have relaxed a little and just realized I am doing all I can. I also received a book from Chris' mom titled The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program and it is awesome! It just makes total sense. So we'll see how it goes! Sorry, I feel like I'm always talking about sleep! On another note, he is getting to be really fun with his little personality. Check out the photos and you'll see what I mean! Chris and I are having more and more fun with him. You will soon see video clips because Chris gave me a video camera for an early birthday present!! I was so excited!! Chris, my parents, and my sister all went in together to give me a video camera which I have been dying for. It was such an awesome surprise! Once I figure out how to use it, I'll post some clips. Don't hold your may take me a while! On another fun note, Chris started a new job this week. He is now working with my dad and they have an air pollution control business called Caldwell/Sheheane Industrial Inc. We are so excited about this and my dad and Chris are really having fun together. It is such an answer to prayer for everyone. And who knows, maybe one day little Wells will join his daddy since it is his name and all! :) My sister and I are doing some exciting stuff with our business as well. I'll write more about that when it is all said and done.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wells is Two months old...any advice??

Hey Friends! Okay, so I'm sorry there is no picture on this post. I've been a bit tired and busy all week. My sister and I had our Christmas Open House for our company, Save the Dates (which is about to change to Paper with Purpose...but I'll write about that later) last night and tonight. It required a lot of work, but was really fun!! For those of you who don't know, we sell stationery, wedding invitations, birth announcements, and lots of baby and adult gift items. We will have a website up soon and I'll tell you more. Anyways, this is about Wells! So he is now two months and is backtracking!!! He is waking up every two hours in the middle of the night and totally wrestling out of his swaddle. He hates it!!! I mean, kicking and screaming hates it! But he wakes up so often from flailing without it. And we have read every book and tried every trick. My child is no "book child"!! He comes off the incline, hates his back, definitely will not go down without being soothed, etc. I woke up to him crying at 1,3,5 yesterday and at 5 he was wide-eyed and smiling when I picked him up. So i knew that was trouble. He was ready to play! And I was ready to cry! Anyways, he can be soothed back down so he isn't hungry. We just aren't quite sure what is going on. His naps during the day are also back to being home-bound. He only likes to nap when forced...lovely! On a good note, he is cooing and smiling more which is fun! And of course I love him to bits. Nighttimes are just getting really tough. So any advice would be much appreciated!! I've really tried everything!! I just feel like he doesn't know how to put himself to sleep so he is just as frustrated as me...poor guy! I can't wait to see what I get in return to this post and I'm really afraid of people saying..."just stick it out, it will get better!" But I really feel that God is telling me to just be still and patient and know that I'm not in control. It's funny how God can teach us things, even through an infant's sleep patterns! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!