Friday, May 28, 2010

So Much To Say

Okay, so you all know that I always have too much to say!! This post really is just a summary of what all has gone on the past two weeks. Every night I sit down to post about something and just get too tired. So here were the posts I never got around to:
1) Shake Shakes- These are what Wells eats at least once a day. See, Wells has become really really picky with food and somewhat of a vegetarian(as do most almost 2 year olds) and I'm tired of fighting him. Soooooo, I make "shake shakes", as we like to call them at the Sheheane household. These contain blueberries, bananas, frozen fruit that comes in a bag from costco, ice, water or milk, spinach, and sometimes protein powder or peanut butter. Before you tell me how mean I am, you need to try it. I usually drink what is leftover in the magic bullet. It is GOOD! And Wells loves them. Try them! Just add whatever food group you think your child needs!! :) My mom used to put brocolli in our pancakes, so I guess I am becoming my mother. I'll take a picture sometime and put it on here.

2)The New Claire (and possibly Wells)- I hope you thought the post of Claire in her sunglasses a while back was cute because you're going to be seeing a lot pics like that! Yep, at 7 months old we are getting glasses. To make a long story short, Claire had craniosytosis when she was born. Her left side of her skull didn't develop like it should have because of the way she sat in my womb. I was really disturbed a while back because I always noticed her left eye, ear, and side of her head a little bit lower. After lots of x-rays, worry, and doctors visits, they decided it would eventually grow with the rest of her as she got bigger and would look totally normal. The only thing to worry about after that was her sight and alignment of her eyes. We went on Monday and he said she definitely isn't using her left eye to see and if we'd waited any longer to come to see him we would have noticed a major lazy eye. So she will have a blank lens in her right frame and a strong lens in her left frame. I was really distraught as I wasn't prepared for this, but then God revealed to me that this is a MUCH better option than surgery and I just needed to get over it. Reality is that I always think kids are cute in glasses! It's just hard to think that anything is wrong with your child. Wells is probably getting them in the fall as well. They both have astigmatisms inherited from my dad and I, but they are much worse than mine. I strongly suggest going to get your child's eyes checked if you haven't already because there are so many things that the Doctors can fix now that could be potential dangers or set-backs later in life. There is a program called the infant-see program for 6-12 month olds that is free. Eye Care Associates everywhere have this program. I saw a pediatric opthamologist for Claire though and he is AWESOME. If you want his name and number, just leave me a comment.

3) A sickly household- so we went 4 weeks of NO SICKNESS and I was elated!! But the fever virus struck this week with a vengence. Wells had 103.8 for two days and we are now at 100 even with tylenol and motrin. We are off to the doctor at 8:15 in the morning. Please pray it's not strep...he is holding his throat. We Praise the Lord for the 4 weeks of good health and pray that we will get healthy again!!

Now onto random pictures:

Claire is finally sitting up!!!! Her brother is loving it!

Claire LOVES to jump in her jumperoo (thank you Carrie)

We are taking lots of early morning walks before the
heat settles in for the day. Usually I take both
kids (obviously or I'd be leaving one kid at home)
but Chris took Wells to the office for a little bit
to give me a break this morning! Claire loves the stroller and
also loves to eat! check out those arms and if you could only
see her thighs!!! :) Gotta love baby fat!!!

Another pic of her sitting up. Can you
tell I'm excited!

Wells is just a wee bit jealous of Claire, can you tell?!
He wants in her booster seat to eat (which is exactly like his)
in her "pink" swing, in her jumperoo, and he sits in her bumbo
all the time. He is definitely a hand-full, but I love every minute
with him. (except when he locked himself in my bedroom
today for 20 minutes while I panicked and he terrorized the

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Late Mother's Day Post!

Okay, I had to post this even though it was late!! I know it's not the best picture, but I'd like to take one of the three of us every mother's day and one of Chris with them on Father's day every year. So we know these next few years we will just be lucky to even get them in the picture!! And the beautiful flowers were from Chris. He also got me some clothes from Ann Taylor Loft that he didn't even know he got me!! :) It was a SWEET SWEET Mother's day and I just couldn't feel more blessed. I am also including a video of Wells laughing (which he does a lot of!). It's just too funny and I'm thinking he has a little bit of my laugh, poor little guy!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo, 7 months and 21 months!

There are lots of reasons to celebrate this week! Sunday Claire turned 7 months old. Yesterday Wells turned 21 months old (i promise i'll quit the months when he is 2), today is Cinco de Mayo and tomorrow my mom turns 60!!! We have already celebrated a little with mom, but tomorrow night the 6 adults are going to Hot and Hot! Yeah!!! My mom deserves the BEST birthday ever as she is the best mom, grandmom and friend anyone could have. Honestly, she has the biggest servant's heart of anyone I know. She is ALWAYS doing for others and loves it. I pray I become more and more like her.
Now onto what the kiddos are doing these days! First we have Claire. 7 months has been a big month for her! She is really a happy kid almost 98% of the time and if you've been up to date on my blog, you know that this is AWESOME! She is rolling over both ways, almost sitting up completely on her own, grabbing everything in sight and eating like a champ (notice the thighs and cheeks!). Claire LOVES to be around Wells and she lights up as soon as he looks at her. I pray this continues! She loves to be held and she wants attention all day. She definitely doesn't want to be left alone. She also loves to be heard as she talks in a high pitch all day long! I don't know where she gets that :) So here is Claire in her summer shades and hat:

Now onto Wells...He is really getting close to those terrible twos. I actually think we are there! He is a true joy and I LOVE him to death, but boy is he trying us right now! He likes to dare us in more ways than one. His temper is quite strong and he gets really frustrated when he can't do things. Maybe it's the little man syndrome more than terrible twos...we'll see! Wells weighs 22 pounds so he has only gained 2 pounds in a year! Wow...tiny, but tough! With that being said, he is spunky and tons of fun. He is trying to talk in sentences and this is hilarious. He really wants us to understand him and we do most of the time. My favorite things he says are "I see you" (even when he doesn' in his crib in the mornings when he wants us to come get him), I sleepy, night night (which means you better take him quickly for nap or bed time because he is ready and this is a blessing I know!), "kiss it make it better" when he gets hurt, and he likes to say his colors all day long. Unfortunately, pink is his favorite at the moment and only wants to swing in the pink swing! Chris is disturbed, but I'm sure he just wants Claire's things!! So here are pics of wells
Here he is with his tricycle or "c-cycle" which he cannot yet ride but loves to push. He is still too short, bless his heart!

So this is the result when the c-cycle doesn't turn like he wants. If you could have only witnessed the tantrum...

He LOVES to eat believe it or not! He definitely eats great at times and picks other times. But when he does want to eat, he chows down! Corn is a favorite at the moment.

His obsession right now is his "more" or mower! I cannot get his attention at all when he has the mower in his hands. We are just working on staying out of the street at the moment.

This is what I got when I asked him to smile for the camera....exactly, I got his back!

So, in order to get a smile and his devoted attention, I have to strap him in his "num num chair"

Here is a sweet kiss that Wells gives ALL day to Claire. Wells is definitely lovey dovey and this may get him in trouble next year in preschool!!! We will see! As for now, I love it! Have I mentioned he is a major mama's boy at the moment?! maybe pink being his favorite color gave this away. Chris spends every night with him i promise!

And now, Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! The sombreros and maracas were worn and used almost all day by wells! And Claire joined in on the fun once she was strapped in the swing. She did love her maraca!!