Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm about to have a niece!!!

(don't let this picture deceive you...she is actually very tiny, but China believes in LOTS of layers :)
Well, I am realizing that I haven't even posted about this yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all the excitement and chaos that has gone on lately, I've neglected my blog. Anyways, I cannot explain how excited I am to introduced to you my new niece "Mamie" who is coming here in March or April!! Robyn and Charles have always had the desire to adopt internationally and the time has FINALLY come. They started this long process in November of 2010. In October of 2011 they received her file and accepted and she is so close, yet so far away!!! Robyn and Charles are now awaiting travel approval and we are all praying they get to leave mid March (so you can pray with us!). I have never actually been to China, but have always had a heart for that country. I just cannot describe the emotions I feel about this precious little girl who has no idea who we are yet. So I can't imagine Robyn's and Charles' feelings. All the kids pray for her and long for her coming! Wells calls her "China" from time to time, but that will hopefully change soon :). Claire doesn't realize her little princess world is about to change now that she will not be the only girl in the Caldwell grandchild clan anymore. But I know they will be best buddies and I can't wait!! Mamie's birthday is August 6th, so she is 18 months old. Mamie (pronounced with a long a) is a family name on our side and Charles' side. And there is a very cool story behind that as well. If you want to follow her story, my sister's blog is on my site (The Kown Family). Please pray with us for her healing as she has one femur shorter than the other. I will keep you all posted.
I will write a post of my family soon. Here is a breakdown: Just know I haven't taken a picture all month, I'm taking a Master's level course at UAB to renew my teaching certificate (LOTS of research and reading), Claire is about to have surgery again on her eyes, and we are crazy at all times. BUT...really wanting to enjoy every moment no matter what! :) Sorry if I've neglected my friends since Christmas. My class ends in May :)