Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Blessings

Wells' first Christmas was so awesome. I'll let all the pictures speak for themselves. It added to the excitement of it all and really made us focus more on what Christmas is all about, a baby boy being born for all of us. It was really surreal. In the midst of that, it was also a little stressful going everywhere Christmas day. For those of you who don't know, he is not a good sleeper day or night so this made it even worse. He seriously slept 40 minutes ALL day and woke up a lot that night. Chris said he was just excited for Santa! It was all so great and he got SO many gifts. We still don't know what to do with them all, but we are very grateful. With all this being said, he is now sick. He has ear infections, is all congested and the medicine is really hurting his tummy. So he slept a total of two hours last night and we are already experiencing the same type of night tonight. Please pray for him to get better as it's killing me to see him hurt and I just want him to be well. It honestly makes my heart hurt (well....and my body b/c i don't get sleep either). On another note, our friend the mouse went to be with Jesus on his birthday...yeah (read the post below if you are confused)!! And the next day his friend decided to come into our house and he joined his buddy in heaven the next night. We are hoping no more mice decide to come back!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas two Nights before Christmas at the Sheheanes

Twas two nights before Christmas and all through our house,
not a creature was stirring EXCEPT a FAT MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that santa claus soon would be there.
Wells was nestled all snug in Gay-Gay and dandaddy's bed,
while visions of mom and dad danced in his head.
Mama in her pj's and vedder in dad's lap,
had just settled down for a much needed nap (5 months worth)
When down in the kitchen arose such a clatter,
we sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
but shredded up coupons and a rat struck with fear!!!!!!!!!!

I meant to post this last night. Okay, this is a TRUE story of what went on last night I hope you appreciate this. So Chris and I had our second night without wells (which was sad), so we could sleep. While my mom and dad were keeping Wells and we got home from dinner with best friends and we just couldn't wait to get in bed. Well, Chris decided to go check it out and come to find out, this rat was in our house!!!!!!!!! . And he had chewed up tons of coupons!!!!!!!! Now this could be God getting a good laugh b/c i've become so obsessed with coupons since we're on one salary. But seriously...TWO NIGHTS before Christmas!!! And the first night i've had to sleep in five months!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! Poor chris had been banging pots and pans trying to catch this thing as it scurried around. And I was just laughing/crying in the bed!!!!!!!!! So i had to fill you all in because this poem just came into my mind as I was in my laughing stage!! So we can all laugh later!! So my first christmas married we had a bug infested tree, and this christmas we have a rat. just lovely!!!!! It's still not dead!! We might wake up Christmas morning to a rat on a trap! We ARE the griswalds. Love you all and Merry Christmas!!! Hope yours isn't as eventful as ours, but full of Christ and full of fun!!! Love you all! Have a Very Merry Christmas!! We can't wait to wake up with Wells in the morning. He is our Christmas gift this year. God really blessed us beyond words. I can't even imagine what Mary must have felt carrying our Lord and Savior because I couldn't imagine feeling any more love for a child than I feel for sweet Wells. Christmas is such an amazing time. This WILL be a Christmas to more ways than one!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Swag Bucks

Hey Y'all! Okay, I may be behind on the times, but my friend Carrie told me about the this great search engine. I know we all "google" everything everyday (especially if you have a child who is sick and you need to know what to do!). Well, if you use swagbucks to search it, every once in a while you'll get a swag buck. Well, these swagbucks get you free stuff!! One girl just got a Wii! And I just got my first prize, a $5 giftcard to starbucks. There is no catch at all. All you have to do is sign up on this link or go to the picture at the top right of my blog. Whenever you go to search something, instead of google, go to They actually use google anyways. So go for it and see what you can do! One lady seriously bought ALL her christmas gifts with the swag bucks. Can you tell I'm excited about this! I'll send a post with pics next time. Merry Christmas! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures with Santa!

Today Robyn and I took Wells and Max to see Santa! It was so much fun!! I really honestly completely forgot about doing this until Robyn called the other day to see if we wanted to join them. I just laughed because of course Wells has no clue what Santa even is! He was really cute though and Santa was precious! Max of course told him what he wanted! I just had to share this picture! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy 4 Months Wells!

We can't believe Wells is already four months old. Although some days are really long (when he hasn't slept), time is flying and I hope it slows down. I am just so in love with him! When I'm not with him, i miss him! But it is nice to get away sometimes! Here are Wells' four months pictures. One of these will be his Christmas picture. I have some others not in Christmas clothes that I'll post later. He is sooo close to rolling over, but that is really his only milestone besides smiling and laughing. He does grab at things and loves the mirror, but that's about it! I know he's about to do lots of things, so maybe I can post more on his other posts! For now, I just love staring at him and watching him smile!