Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Alabama Game!

Call us crazy, but we were determined to take the kids to a game this year. We've tailgated with them on the quad once a season, but this year we decided to take them in! It was early enough that we could leave by halftime for naps, so we went for it! It was hot, but really not that bad at all and the kids LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! Wells was intent on the game and the band, while claire was excited to watch everything going on around her. The first quarter we never got up once!!! The second quarter we made lots of trips to the bathroom and to see Big Al and the cheerleaders. And Wells...he just wanted to get close to the band members! That child LOVES music. I was really impressed during the game because he would ask who had the ball or which direction each team was going. It made this football loving mama VERY excited!! Chris laughs and says I'll be his little league football coach one day! All of us were exhausted and ready to head home by halftime, but it was a GREAT day. The kids shook their shakers all around and we all yelled "Roll Tide Roll" plenty of times! I'm sure our friends sitting around us (who are almost all 70 or older) loved us! ha!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School!

Wednesday was our first day of 3's for Wells and Mother's Day Out for Claire. He will go three days a week and Claire will go two. We are ALL excited! :) I believe I have two class clowns in my future. I'm going to have to have lots of teacher talks I'm afraid. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

The school bus for spain park pulled up as we were taking pictures,
and it was hilarious! Wells went darting up the sidewalk, and yelled,
"Wait guys I'm coming! It's my first day! Mom, see you later!"
The whole bus was howling. I grabbed him and convinced him that
my minivan was his school bus! He then turned around, sighed, and said,
"okay guys, maybe next year!" what a hoot!

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