Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Savings Post!

Okay, no picture, but more fun ways to save! I'll give you two websites that are great if you have kids and one that is great for anyone!!!

1) I know i have given this before, but I just discovered a new way to save with it. First of all, their diapers are the best prices you'll find b/c they don't charge tax or shipping(shipping is free if you spend over 49, which is easy with diapers). And they just added ecoupons on there that you can use! Best of all, it ships within two days and is on your doorstep. I've started getting so many other things from this website. They now offer TONS of baby items that babies r us has and they will take manufactor's coupons, etc. Here is what I just learned: they will MATCH any website's prices! So if any website is having a sale and has that item, color, etc. they will match that price!! So just know that I saved $114 dollars today by ordering new things for claire and calling to tell them the price match websites. yep! awesome!! If you go to to register, use my referral code of DANA8344 and you will get 10 dollars off your first order. LOVE this website and only get diapers here.

2) this is the website for everybody and I've talked about this one before as well. It is just a search engine that you sign up to use. I downloaded the toolbar to keep at the top of my computer, so i just use it instead of google (it really uses google anyways). And every few times you will get "swagbucks" that will add up and in time you can get things at the swagstore. It is awesome!! We have been using it for about 6 or 7 months and I've racked up 1400 swagbucks. I just cashed them in for 130 dollars worth of mastercard giftcards that I'm using for christmas gifts (yes, i'm almost done christmas shopping b/c i know i won't be able to do anything in a month!) So if you want to sign up, go to my link somewhere on this blog for swagbucks and you can sign up there.

3) Upromise- this is a program you have probably heard of, but if not, you need to join it! It is free (of course) and you get the card from publix. just ask at the checkout counter. It's a program that gives a percentage of certain sales to a college account for your kids. I joined it after i got the card at publix, went online, etc. But a friend emailed me and told me about how much you can do with this thing. it's awesome! you can add your cvs card, winn dixie card, etc. to the account once you register it online. Also, if you download the turbosaver (it adds a toolbar at the top of your computer) it will let you know anytime you go to a website if you can get savings into your account. for example, you get 8% from your purchase from shutterfly into your upromise account just for clicking on a button that says "get your upromise savings when you buy here". So simple. we have about 20 dollars for wells so far. I have an email they sent to me about getting your friends to sign up and they'll get $2 into their account if they do it by august 31st. so if you want to join upromise, get a card from publix, etc. email me at and i'll forward you the link.

I'll give you more as people tell me or as I find deals. I'm ALL about them!!! Love, Dana

Monday, August 24, 2009

Water Boys!

This past Saturday Wells had his first trip to the lake (thank you Blairs!). He had such a blast!! I've never seen a lakehouse so well-prepared for babies. It was not only gorgeous, but so accomodating for little ones and so relaxing for the big ones!! We got to celebrate Adam's birthday with the Blairs and Matteos, and also watch 3 little boys in action. These are two of our best couple friends from church (we are so lucky b/c we have such amazing friends from church!!) and it's awesome because our little boys are 15 months, and 12 months old so they are right there together! We pray these little boys will grow up to be buddies and be Christian examples to other boys! Ashley took these precious photos. Wells' favorite part was the boat. I mean, he was waving his hands in the air and dancing as the boat was flying around trying to throw one of the guys off of a tube. I, being 33 weeks preggo, was the one afraid Claire was going to be born on Smith Lake that day, while Wells had the time of his life!!! And he didn't even mind the life jacket! He is going to take after both Chris and me with being adventurous and loving the water! Yeah Wells!!! What an awesome day at the Lake. Oh yeah, and the weather was perfect. I didn't even sweat!
Oh, and any of you wondering about the milk's still not solved. He hates it. Plain and simple, he hates it and gags until he makes himself throw up. lovely. And thank you to all the advice I received and trust me, I tried it all. But we are just going with enfagrow (the next step up in enfamil) and we're sticking to two bottles a day. At least he'll drink juice and water out of the sippy cup, right?! My stress is gone for now, but I haven't given up hope. I'll try again with the milk one day, but not anytime soon. All is happy around our house again and with another one coming in 6 weeks or less, why give up bottles now!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Okay, I need major help. Wells won't drink ANY milk. We've tried to make the transition from bottle to sippy cup and from formula to milk. We have been doing this for two weeks now. He wouldn't take formula from the sippy cup, but drinks water, juice,etc. great out of it. Well, then we began mixing his formula with the milk and he began to gag (i mean big time). So we were only putting once ounce of milk to 5 ounces of formula and we thought "there is no way he'll know there is milk in it." Well, wrongo. He knew immediately and pursed his lips together and turned his head...and yes, gagged. I have continued different types of milk (whole, organic, 2%, store brand, etc.) and I've tried tons of methods. This child is stubborn. Well, so a good friend told me to just give it up for a week and try again next week. So at that I felt relief and just decided today to go back to straight formula and not worry for a week. Well, the child won't drink the formula anymore b/c he thinks milk is mixed in there!!!!!!!! He is only drinking water and juice and not much of it. It's worrying me to death and I wish it wasn't. I have been told to try a little bit of chocolate syrup and see if that works. So i'm going to try that tomorrow I guess. He is also not sleeping at night anymore b/c he is not full (b/c of the lack of liquids). So he is stubborn and I"m worried...not a good combo. Please help!! Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! By the way, he also gags until he throws up with yogurt. Cheese is the only dairy he likes. So please send advice my way!!!! I am making Wells, Chris and myself crazy!!!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Birthday Party!!!

We celebrated Wells' birthday on Saturday. Oh, did we have fun or what??!!! I am serious when I say that his party was more fun than any party I ever had. It's amazing how your heart just goes out to your little one and you want everything to be perfect for their big day! It was worth all the cleaning, decorating, etc. and I really had fun! Wells had more fun than anyone though! It was hilarious!!! We didn't know how he would react with the craziness of ALL of his favorite people in one place! We did just the family this year and boy did he love being the center of attention. He danced for everyone, let anyone and everyone hold him, and he even opened some presents! His favorite part though was the cake!!! Our little one can EAT! He seriously ate the ENTIRE smash cake, which was an oversized cupcake. He crammed it in so fast that I thought he was going to be sick! We laughed so hard. The pictures of that above are in order, so watch how the cake disappeared and how his cheeks got bigger!! Chris and I had the time of our lives watching Wells LOVE his party. He definitely takes after his mama and loves people! I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Month to Wells!!

This blog design is now devoted to Wells' birthday month!! Chris always makes fun of me because I LOVE birthdays and make a really big deal of them. He told me that I like to have a birthday month, so I've honored wells with dedicating this month's blog design to him!! I can't wait until his family birthday party on Saturday. What fun!! Trust me, I'll take lots of pics. Until then, here are some photos we had made at Portrait Innovations for his first birthday. I highly recommend them. They are so GREAT with kids and cheap! Of course I'll want really fun, nice photographer photos at some point, but these are a great way to get good pics to give out to the family! by the way, how hilarious is the second picture! It looks like my dad or chris' grandad so we thought it was too hilarious not to buy!! the first picture is the real one we used of course!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Two posts in two! I HAD to write today just to share how God has blessed me lately.
Of course he always does, but I do not want to ever forget this. You all know we were shocked, then really excited about another one coming. My biggest fear was how we were going to be able to afford another nursery, more diapers, formula, etc. and then once we found out it was going to be a girl, all the precious clothes!! See, we have been so fortunate with Wells because we have had all of my nephew's clothes! I have not had to buy much of ANYTHING. Because there are no girls between my sister and I until now, there weren't going to be any hand-me-downs except the clothes my mom and my mother-in-law saved. Well now listen to the MANY things God has provided us with in the last month:
1) A GREAT friend works at a very nice children's store and bought Claire 13 (yes, 13!!!) outfits ranging from 0-9 months. She bought Wells 5 outfits too and barely let me pay her anything.
2) Another GREAT friend bought her other outfits, a paci clip, and books.
3) My sweet cousin is GIVING us one of her twins' cribs that they are getting out of soon.
4) My mom bought us a diaper changing table at a garage sale for cheap and repainted it.
5) I bought an old rocking chair (very good one) years ago at a garage sale for teaching purposes, and who knew I'd need it now!! The cushions are being recovered as we speak!
6) I found basically brand new Pottery Barn bumper pad and bedskirt at a garage sale for cheap
7) A good high school friend gave me all of her pj's and onesies for ages 0-18 months!!!
8) A good teacher friend gave me precious cotton outfits for next summer that were her daughters'.
9) My other sweet cousin gave me all her daughter's old smocked day gowns, dresses, and other outfits that will last until she is 2!!!
10) My sister is giving me an oval frame (and i was looking everywhere for the perfect one, when all along hers is the perfect size!!) that i am going to use above her crib. I just need to paint it!
I!! wow!!! I hope I am not leaving anything out. But this has all happened when I was beginning to worry the most. I only had to spend 1/4 on Claire's nursery as I did on Wells'. I only had to pay for sheets, curtain panels, and some decorations. My only purchases left are a hamper for her laundry, some decor for the walls, and of course diapers (but that will be for the next 3 years!!). I just am in awe of how God has blessed us. We knew that little Claire was His plan all along b/c it definitely wasn't in our plan, but now He is proving that once again, He WILL provide.