Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beach Trip with Gaygay and Dandaddy!

For some reason, I have been having a really hard time trying to blog lately.  It always says error.  So sorry for my lack of blogging!! I've always been really busy with church VBS, selling our house (yes, it's finally under contract!), and having tons of fun with the kiddos this summer.  So I won't really apologize!! I should be with my kids! Anyways, here are pictures from our beach trip with my family back in May.  My parents and the four of us went to Orange Beach to the Caribe.  It is a MUST with children of any age.  Tons to do and you never have to leave the place!!  Lots of pools, slides, putt putt, food, etc.  It was the BEST week ever!!! The kids were awesome and all the adults got to enjoy ourselves as well.  What an awesome week.  We were so blessed!!


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Sarah said...

Girl!!! I know you've been busy but it's been FOUR months!! We've missed birthdays, moving, first day of school, etc!! I say just put up pictures and don't worry about writing anything!!