Friday, November 2, 2012

Continuing from October...

Continuing October...more of Claire's fun party!  She LOVED being the star!


Mamie didn't know what to think of dance! It was her first time!

Another Melinda (mother in law) Cake! I told y'all she was awesome!

Last week we spent Saturday at Alabama's homecoming.  It was freezing, no one napped, BUT it was such a FUN day! We were so glad we went and we were blessed with a day with just the four of us! Love those days!  Wells loved the band and Claire, she loved it all!

Halloween was a BLAST other than the fact that Wells didn't feel great.  These two hooligans planned last November 1st (and i'm not kidding) to be Peter Pan and  Tinkerbell this year.  And shockingly enough, it stuck! I love that they want to do everything as a team.  God is great and our prayer is that these two remain best buds!  Now..the last shots were just trying to get a good photo.  Again, have I mentioned that Claire is a complete mess?!?!

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Sarah said...

Yay Dana!!! You are a rock star!! I love the power of peer pressure!! :)