Friday, November 2, 2012

Let me catch you up...on the last 4 months! :)

Our recent move has been a definite time killer and blogging has been last on my mind.  BUT...I really love reading friends' blogs and catching up on lives so I wanted to update mine as well!! And let's be honest...I have a wonderful (and blunt) and amazing friend Sarah who gently nudged me to post on the recent events of my family.  Ha!  So here it goes in quick pictures and recaps!  I really will get better at the blogging world again.  Thanks to the friends who haven't given up hope! ;)

August precious friend Laurahelen got married to the most fantastic guy out there (besides my hubby of course) and I was honored to be in her wedding.  She is on the far right!

Chris and I celebrated our 6th anniversary in Chattanooga for the weekend and had no agenda.  It was beautiful and just so much fun! I highly recommend a trip where nothing is planned and you can just wing it!  Side note...we also got a contract on our house that weekend. :)

August...Wells turned 4!!  He definitely has his moments, just like any child, but he is one of the sweetest little boys out there! We are tight :)  He was so proud to be 4 and was dying to have a fireman party.  He loved every minute...well, until he realized a siren might go off and then he was paranoid the whole party :)  He doesn't like loud noises....

He is pretending to play with his hat here but at any moment he was ready to shield his ears:)

The amazing cake my mother in law made.  If you live in bham, give me a shout and I'll give you her number. She sells cakes now and they are AMAZING looking and tasting!

Wells and his best bud Charlie

We were REALLY into the olympics at our house (as in we watched it all day everyday when we were home) so my sweet cousin and her kids gave the kids medals for his birthday.  They definitely thought they were real

Claire is sure she will be Gabby one day

We were then lucky enough to go on beach trip number 2 and this time with Chris' parents.  It was an awesome week!  Claire has also become ultra girly in the past few months and wants her toenails painted at all times.  So here is Melinda loving every minute of the girly time! 

Papa celebrated his birthday while we were we did what all good families do and took him to Pier Park to ride the carousel in Panama City.

It was all fun and games until the ride conductor told Claire she wasn't tall enough to do anything...have I told y'all she acts 13?! :)

September started the first year of the 4 year old class for wells and the 2 year old class for Claire.  They were SO excited about their first day of school! And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled as well :)  I love them to bits, but it was time folks!

Claire and her teacher, Ms. Poss

Wells and his teachers, Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Carr

Wells at his first day of soccer practice this fall

October kicked off with Claire's 3rd birthday!  I remember thinking when they were infants, "I can't wait until they are 3 and 4" (only because  I knew how much fun they would be) and now I want to freeze them!!! I can't believe it's gotten here this quickly.  I pray I enjoy EVERY minute and don't miss a beat with them.  Here is Claire with her dance teacher Sarah.  We all love her!! She taught dance for claire's tinkerbell/ballet party. what a blast!
****this continues on the next post! I had too many pics :)  so scroll down if you aren't bored yet!

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